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    Sławomir Nowak ma takiego, sąd zaniżył jego wartość do 10tys zł, żeby zamieść sprawę pod dywan, ALOAH!

  2. Ravid Nazaroff says:

    can tell the price?

  3. ripperx444 says:

    I like UN but lets be honest this is a ETA movement for 8k

  4. John Grove says:

    Beautiful watch bro

  5. IrixGuy says:

    @n4292936 thanks! I actually looked at the Superocean Heritage when I bought my Super Avenger in St. Thomas.

  6. n4292936 says:

    If you like the PO then have a look at the black 42mm Superocean Heritage.
    There was a good threat on WUS comparing the two.

  7. IrixGuy says:

    @n4292936 thank you! Yeah this looks great but I was not too confident about its’ water resistance. I may stick with Omega Planet Ocean. Thanks!

  8. n4292936 says:

    I’ve never tested it to be honest. When I go diving I’ll generally rent a dive computer and rely on the good sense of the dive master to manage duration and decompression stops. I use this as more of a dress watch. It’s advertised as good to 200m, so really, 50m at best.

  9. IrixGuy says:

    How is the water resistance? I have an Omega Seamaster that has never leaked. I also have a Breitling Super Avenger that has leaked. Great video. Thanks!

  10. genius renata says:

    montblanc i think, not panerai

  11. hedgefundson24 says:

    haha thats a louis vuitton box in the back!

  12. Kevin chu says:

    i LOVE your Ulysse NArdin

  13. WatchesWatcher says:

    Thanks for the review. Spectacular watch, you are a lucky man. The roman numeral dial really does look a lot better than the arabic numerals on this watch.

  14. gregpig says:

    I particularly like the way the swizzle-tube glibbles and flops on this time piece. But you forgot to mention that it is capable of opening the stargate 7 zazzlebars faster than than the 41mm version.

  15. n4292936 says:

    Close, the silver one is actually a MontBlanc watch. The watch which looks like a Panerai in just an ETA 2824 in a similar looking case. It’s unbranded and I picked it up from a watch maker in the UK. I’ve done a review of it on here somewhere…

  16. Niels Ulrik says:

    isn’t the watches in the background Panerai and Rolex i think ?????

  17. n4292936 says:

    Actually that’s why I had to get it serviced. It looked to me like the escapement was getting stuck somehow. After a full service it’s come back better than ever though.

  18. unin4 says:

    Has that watch stopped or is the crown out for the vid? the second hand isnt moving yet the power reserve still indicates about 1/4 charge?
    Great review though! Beautiful watch!

  19. draconian82 says:

    thanks great review , I like Maxi Marine Chrono but its price in here starts from 5000 euro , so this price gives me hard time to make a choice among IWC aquatimer , UN, and 2nd hand Vacheron Constantine overseas chrono.

  20. 85rabih says:

    Ok will do!! Thanks for time and advise I appreciate it. Happy holidays and best wishes!!!

  21. n4292936 says:

    The best color to get will exclusively dictated by your own good taste, not the preferences of others. I personally prefer the black and then the white but hey, to each their own. Go with what works for you and try to view the model of watch in person before committing.

  22. 85rabih says:

    Beautiful review and a great video of this beautiful watch. I would just like to ask about the price of this watch and the marine chronometer 41mm also rubber strap. And if you could advise about what is the best color to get I’m confused about the following three colours: black, blue and brown.
    Thank you very much!!!