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This constrained version (10 parts) King Gold elegance was crafted in-house by the Confrêrerie Horlogère Hublot in Switzerland in our Nyon factory. The tourbillon…
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This is a online video of my Hublot Oceanographic 4000 observe in Titanium. You should just take a search at my comparison video clip of this Oceanographic 4000 48mm view in comparison t…

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  1. MrZcotty says:

    agreed, tin spoons, and galvanized pipe.

  2. Luis Madafaka says:

    shity melody

  3. FortitudoDei says:

    Amazing movement but (IMHO) shame about the design. Hublot’s desire to show-off the movement has resulted in a “bling” look which lacks any elegance though many other manufacturers who produce repeater and tourbillon complications are just as guilty.

  4. JamesIdentity says:

    STFU fastcougar! He was just asking for the price and you tell him to buy a seiko… Your one of these guys who thinks theyre better than everyone else, because they got a platinum american express card. Well guess what, your NOT. And noone gives a shit about you. And noone cares if you own this watch. So just shut up. PS. that watch (if you own it) is a mistake.

  5. fastcougar3200 says:

    Money well spent!
    I definately feel more manly wearing this. You, most assuredly will too.
    Women flock to me when I wear it; it’s like a ‘chick magnet’
    I have no idea if it keeps good time or not. I’m too important to worry about such things.
    If you have to ask how much something costs, then you can’t afford it. Go buy a Seiko!

  6. DentiStami says:


  7. theartofluv says:

    I am afraid to ask for the price. But I wonder how much it worth?

  8. Carl Franklin says:

    To me it is a verry ugly sound compared to other minute repeaters. But maby its just cuz of the video quality

  9. jameshsieh1224 says:

    so this is what a 300 thousand dollar watch looks like

  10. boxen76 says:

    Only me that having an orgasm right now?

  11. lillskiten1337 says:


  12. fozaldo says:

    I will kill you for this watch

  13. Savings HUB says:

    WOW! Gorgeous watch! Great Video!

  14. Higo Santos says:

    Uma obbra de arte!

  15. hubertisspyder says:

    You can’t constantly press the minute repeatedly.. It will damage he mechanism.. You should wait up to 2-3min before pressing it again. Its such an expensive watch!

  16. Ludwig Nyman says:

    Even if i had the money, i would feel guilty wearing what’s probably the equivalent of one to three decades of income of a middle-class family on my wrist. A watch like this is one of the most excellent thing one could actually own, i love it and i want one, but i guess it’s just never going to happen. (But i still love looking at it)

  17. Stirwood2 says:

    The double notched screw heads on the bezel area should be lined up a little neater, they are kind of messy, maybe like all notches straight up and down. With that being said, this is a magnificent piece of pure craftsmanship that I would sell my soul to own. And all the money I earn in my lifetime probably could not buy. If I did own this I would probably spend most of my day gazing into it’s awesomeness. Thank You.

  18. Spike T says:

    I’d get two if they were also an automatic instead of hand wind.  ;-P

  19. usmcwhite2369 says:

    omg thats amazing

  20. AVTProjects says:

    Thanks for watching and commenting.

  21. lawdawg194 says:

    Buy a rep like mine and you can afford it.

  22. AVTProjects says:

    Thanks for commenting again. Sorry I do not understand everything you have asked. Nope – i do not sell any of my personal items. My watches are all authentic. You can go to the Hublot boutique and buy one there.

  23. Ismael Burgos says:

    i want to know where that copy comprer so good and how much??? you sell your??? i want one just like

  24. AVTProjects says:

    Thanks for watching and commenting. What did you say?

  25. Ismael Burgos says:

    hola, donde puedo comprar ese reloj?????? es una pasada, te dejo mi correo gracias…

  26. AVTProjects says:

    Thanks for watching and commenting. Unfortunately I do not like to discussing anything personal especially in public.

  27. Thaitanium Super says:

    How do you afford all this

  28. AVTProjects says:

    No problem.

  29. AVTProjects says:

    Thanks for commenting again. Yes this watch is really awesome. It’s much nicer in person. I have another friend that has this watch and this is one of his favorite watches as well.

  30. Slickstar GB says:

    also thank you very much for the sub, very helpful

  31. Slickstar GB says:

    nice watch man

  32. elbombero88 says:

    Thanks for watching and commenting.

  33. AVTProjects says:

    Thanks for the comment again. This is an amazing watch for the price honestly. I know it sounds crazy but this is a must see and feel watch in person.

  34. SRBINnbg29untilidie says:

    massive watch massive price 🙁

  35. AVTProjects says:

    @WatchThisBub agreed!

  36. WatchThisBub says:

    You should never boast about a rep. They are for personal pleasure. Glad you love your rep and hopefully one day get rid of it for a gen!!! Not insulting your rep, but I respect these companies hard work and design and reps are somewhat rude to genuine watchmakers.

  37. Jonny Denver says:

    Card is fake, the watches are fake everything is replica products..

    takes $30 mil with a personl banker in JP to get a palladium. People with $30 mil dont post videos on youtube.

  38. AVTProjects says:

    Thanks for watching and commenting. Stayed tuned for more.

  39. nisog24 says:

    Nice, Keep uploading videos 🙂

  40. AVTProjects says:

    thanks for watching and commenting. Well you don’t have to turn it slowly but it is quite tough to turn fast. I’m glad you love your replicas still. You are certainly help promote the brand still but at a fraction of the cost. And i’m sure Hublot Company loves it as well.

  41. lawdawg194 says:

    Wow! $20k and you have to turn it slowly??? Geesh I spent $400 on identical rep and I can turn fast or slow. I love my Hublot rep! Nice vid tho.