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TAG Heuer – How Make It …

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  1. AqibX86 says:

    nice videos man….

  2. man zen says:

    i agree tag arnt my fav watch brand,but what is good about them is you can buy and sell them and do alright.its also fairly easy if not a novice to spot a real from a what does collectability mean,does it mean having a shit load of watches in your cupboards and wanking on a rolex from time to time or does it mean making some dosh,i choose dosh and the odd classic watch,lol.dont go buyi up all the tags before i get me grubby hands on those little winners lol.

  3. sero1tsb says:

    I like the look of the aqua racers, the old formula 1’s though are foul, prefer rolex and breitling though which are my favourite of the ‘attainable pieces’ as I call them, however with that said – I would not be ashamed to wear a nice tag hauer aqua racer or carrera.

  4. Charles Ford says:

    Rolexes are great, just buy one, put it in the safe deposit box so it can retain its value.

    If you want a watch you can actually wear and enjoy get a Tag.

  5. Angel Shred says:

    you gotta be kidding me!

  6. northernpike5391 says:

    I got an aquaracer for my 16th birthday (few days ago), these things rock!!! complete beauty of a watch, love the carrera too, beautiful watch

  7. Mr Bowsey LC says:

    Im 16 and ive just bought a Tag Heuer Grand Carrera RS2

  8. Scudeyyy says:

    So what youre saying is that the F1 watches are awful but the modern Monaco, Aquaracer and the Carrera are pretty decent right?

  9. lalotong says:

    Hi, what do You think about Quartz Breitling watches? In your opinion is tah a collectible? What do you think about the Breitling Aerospace and Airwolf? Thanks.

  10. ampark09 says:

    it’s pronounced moh-et. with a hard t not “ey”. just thought you should know.

  11. Theknotman1964 says:

    The old saying you get what you pay for
    To be honest i used to like Tag’s but the Rolex just out classes them in every way