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TAG Heuer Grand Carrera

Impressed by GT cars, engineered by enthusiasm, TAG Heuer introduces the new Grand Carrera Calibre RS. If you get pleasure from this video clip, remember to check out http://www.tagheuer….

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  1. Alexy46824 says:

    What is the name of music at 1:50?

  2. MrBullseye9 says:

    It was this G.C cal 17 or th G.C cal 36. Eventually got the bigger brother, the calibre 36 RS2. The cal 36 is a better looking, more sexier watch. Luv the Rotating Scale.Well done TAG.

  3. experimentjon says:

    LOL, they screwed up the RS on the Calibre 8 mockup. That’s the fastest moving GMT hours indicator I have ever seen in my life.

  4. ricardonemez says:

    take it to an authorized dealer, that’s what I did

  5. Allen Logan says:


  6. shakybones007 says:

    With all the bars on the windows that is one luxurious prison cell he has there.

  7. Noel Christopher Sator Salarda says:

    No… he screwed up, that’s why he’s speeding his car,
    the watch will show his Time of Death.

  8. Borealis says:

    no it starts at 00:00

  9. Luiz Lima says:


  10. Alwaysontime Chambers says:

    i just bought a new TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Calibre 36 Y-F3FAA032, but i don’t know maybe its fake, how will i know the fake ??

  11. 0712705027 says:

    starts: 00:50

  12. Wael EA says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s unfortunate that he wears a Carrera then gets into an Audi R8, rather than a Porsche?

  13. Adeel Sarwar says:

    I just bought a tag. All I need is to start driving like a douche now.. Lol

  14. Alagathevictor says:

    Understanding economics? but I do.. sad fact is you don’t get much for your money with any of the mentioned products. A midline Tissot is an exellent watch, have a 2000$ Tissot myself, albeit its production costs may only be 450$. These arent “luxury” products in the sense a handful of people can buy them. But looking at how many people in the world are poor and unemployed, one is lucky to even be able to save up for such a thing and have a place to live as well. Who cares how many’s got them?