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Stuhrling Original Unisex 522.04 Leisure Gen X Date Canvas Strap Watch

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Stuhrling Мужские Aquadiver Regatta Champion Expert 395.33B11.

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  1. newiceberg says:

    Before you do anything, make sure it’s really a mechanical. If it says Quartz, Eco-Drive, or Kinetic on the dial somewhere, it’s not a manual wind. If your Quartz watch has stopped, you can get it running by replacing the battery at your local jeweler or mall watch shop. Some military watches are Quartz even though they may not say so on the dial. Best way to tell is to look for a battery hatch on the back, or, if it’s running, watch for the second hand to jump between each second.

  2. Andreas748 says:

    a second hand that don’t work. Glad I saw this video now I can buy something else

  3. chadg12420 says:

    How about information instead of music?