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Madison Avenue Watch Week 2013 | Graff | Hublot | Georg Jensen

Look at lovers in New York Town will when again have a possibility to take pleasure in Look at Week on Madison Avenue this yr. From April 8th right up until the 13th, a choice of wa…

Video Rating: 4 / five

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  1. Gowri g says:

    wow……..super but i found the best price at my deals247

  2. enderinheaven says:

    for 300,000.00$ i can buy a ferrari, a rolex and still have some change left for a years worth of gas (among other things)… -_-

  3. DanielTseng100 says:

    no es feo, mola pero son 300.000 del ala… con eso tengo para un ferrari ._.

  4. xavixavi05 says:

    es feo y mas de $ 200.000 ufffff hay mejores y a un menor precio

  5. teeLgnihteoms says:

    It doesn’t just tell the current time, but also the future!

  6. khanAdrian says:

    I prefer if it have moving piston….

  7. 16tonHeart says:

    Sweet, can I get a HUBLOT “LaYugo”

  8. Junior Lopes says:

    Alucinante! E pelo preço, tem que ser mesmo, e só 50 unidades a disposição.

  9. Al M says:

    yes yes … really nice …. but does it tell the time ???