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LE ROUGE CHANEL: Beyond color

LE ROUGE CHANEL provides new freedom to every tone and mindset. New collection: Avant-Première de CHANEL. Far more on
Movie Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. MikadoDF says:

    А где борщ ???

  2. cloversands says:

    Gorgeous color!

  3. tictocmm says:

    Sigrid Agren

  4. annang13 says:

    I adore it!!!!
    But,who’s the model????

  5. Gold Bullet says:

    GTA Vice City)))) ah my childhood and Tommy Vercetti

  6. Maxime Barbot says:


  7. Ал. Ес. says:

    Musike from Vice City. Super!

  8. eHannahMontana says:

    sigrid is so underrated tbh

  9. GTI8855 says:

    Blondie FTW

  10. Eunsu Moon says:


  11. Eunsu Moon says:

    Great water resistant

  12. Laurenwestern1 says:

    The lipstick shes wearing is : 80 suspense

  13. sergei skiv says:

    Muz. Blondie - Atomic

  14. Тимур Иванов says:

    бля что это за трек?

  15. Alberto Nuñez says:

    Sigrid! <3

  16. Lucas Vicente says:

    Mi mujer reconoció la canción. Se acuerda de 1980 en el colegio y la discoteca ¡¡

  17. Hyeonseung Seo says:

    What this song name??please

  18. Suji Kim says:

    this ad is PERFECT <33 love the music.

  19. Jeanie Poh says:

    esp at 0.25!

  20. MatrixFactoryGuy says:


  21. Abner Zarabi says:


  22. Łukasz Maniol says:

    where is jac?