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Karp’s Korner: Jaeger LeCoultre, Master Control, Master Calendar Review

Listed here is a evaluation of a JLC that I personal. Series: Grasp Management 1000 Hours Model: Q151812A.
Video clip Ranking: 5 / 5

There are number of timepieces that are not COSC-certifieid that are exceptional. The Jaeger LeCoultre model is an exception. Jaeger LeCoultre timepieces endure one…

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  1. carpentk37 says:

    7jem333 – Ha, that is hilarious. My friend has the same watch and wears it every day. He only needs to modify for calendar months less than 31 days. But you are spot on, it’s very annoying if you have a watch collection. I bought a watch winder to help circumvent the issue but I suppose “inconvenience” is part of the price you pay for complicated watches. Thanks for the comment!

  2. 7jem333 says:

    Beautiful watch and superb review. Watch just seems far too complicated for me especially if you have several watches. I can see myself spending half my time setting the damn thing and ending up getting slightly fed up with it.

  3. Mario Erceg says:

    I am considering few possible next purchases.I can either go for vintage Rolex as my 4. watch or I m thinking about upgrading my Reverso into Grand Date brand new one.I,personally,think that 4 watches is the optimum number to have and buying yet another Rolex wont leave me much space to manoeuvre.P.S. Royal Oak is the most comfortable watch out there period 😉

  4. carpentk37 says:

    At the end of the day it truly comes down to personal taste and preference. That’s what I tell my friends and I’m a big “Wine” fan and the same holds true (I’m partial to bordeaux). I can honestly say I don’t know anything about vintage models of Rolex. However, I looked at those models and they look nice. I say go for it if your heart is set on it. Just make sure you don’t rush it and have patience to look around for the best price possible. Good luck!

  5. Mario Erceg says:

    Ty and I will.Now I m thinking about going for vintage Sub 5512 or the 14060M no-date as my next purchase.I think it s a good way to go,isnt it?

  6. BW2rare2die says:

    Nicely done, thorough review & excellent collection.

  7. carpentk37 says:

    Congratulations on some very fine choices my friend. I have only one Rolex which is the Yacht Master and I love it. I feel like I can wear it with anything and I’ve received many compliments on it. I don’t have an AP yet but the Royal Oak is the only way to go in my opinion. I’ve read many reviews on the Royal Oak and they are full of praise. And I truly like the white version you picked…seems we have similar taste. Overall, well done and enjoy!

  8. Mario Erceg says:

    Hi mate!I did some swaps in my collection.I kept my Reverso Grand Taille and I sold 2 other pieces(Blancpain Complete Calendar and Omega Speedmaster) and I purchased Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15300ST (white) and Rolex Yacht Master.Personally I am super satisfied with high-end Rolex(long time wish list) and AP RO.Do you think I did well?

  9. carpentk37 says:

    I do and took a look…a very sharp watch indeed. Thanks for the suggestions and I appreciate your comments (and patience).

  10. NallePu83 says:

    You can buy a Jaeger and make a video 😀

  11. Jezus Chrystus says:

    This is not motherfucking J-J Le…. God damit it hurts my ears when I hear how Americans are changing words… IT IS NOT JJ IT’S JAEGER! And TAG Heuer is not “tag whore” like you say… Look to some videos with Jaeger LeCoultre… Maybe you will learn how to say this extremely hard word right.

  12. IrixGuy says:

    I’d definitely get a JLC before the price increases again. I was torn between the Master Control and Reverso but I personally couldn’t pull of the rectangular Reverso look. Mine by the way is the Master Control 40mm. They discontinued that model and the new one is 39mm. Cheers!

  13. IrixGuy says:

    No problem you caught me at a good time =) Yeah, check out my sub-replies too. You’re right about the lume and also notice the blued second hand, the hand-laid rhodium-plated markers and the AMAZING MOVEMENT visible via the exhibition case-back. I’ve had no personal experience and realize that it’s a nice watch but I’ll encourage you to check the resale value and also what people say about it. Not that brand name matters but a lot of people think “TV brand” when they hear “Zenith” ….

  14. IrixGuy says:

    Afterall Jaeger LeCoultre is responsible for the Atmos clock that is powered by barometric pressure fluctuations. Get a JLC then a Rolex or Omega tool watch. You can likely always trade or sell both of those used for more than you paid news within a few years. I doubt that either of those brands will ever start discounting and destroy their value. Most importantly buy what looks and feels the best on your wrist =) It’s not about the money it’s how much you like the piece =)

  15. MikaJuP says:

    Wow, that was a quick reply, thanks!

    I guess my main question boils down to “dressy” and “timeless” vs. a bit “sportier”. I find both Master Control and El Primero are rather timeless though. Then again, I could see myself getting e.g. a Sub no date as a pure “tool” watch in few years’ time to complement JLC.

    Btw, visited JLC boutique today in London and they showed me the new Master Controls even have tiny tiny bits of lume in the hands and numerals! Just amazing..

  16. IrixGuy says:

    I have a growing collection at the moment (feel free to watch my video playlist) but if I could only have two nice watches, it’d be my JLC Master Control and my Rolex Sub 114060 Ceramic NON-DATE. Check out Chrono24 website if you haven’t. It’s a good way to get a feel for the second-hand value of pieces. I personally always stick to models that shouldn’t lose their luster and value over time. Jaeger LeCoultre is extremely undervalued at the moment in my opinion ….

  17. IrixGuy says:

    pieces. Simplicity is key when purchasing nice timepieces. I’d honestly get a JLC Master Control or Reverso for dress and pass on the Zenith. Instead of the Zenith, I’d get a nice “tool” daily wear watch like a Rolex Submariner, GMT or Explorer 2. Alternatively, an Omega Seamaster would be a great option. I don’t know how you feel about the Rolex thing but despite all of the non-watch enthusiasts that wear them, they are definitely rock-solid and appreciate very well annually ….

  18. IrixGuy says:

    I would start with the JLC. Why? Well they’re one of the top watchmakers and have even made movements for some of the “Trinity” watch brands. They maintain a steady annual price increase and consistent demand for the Master Control and Reverso. Even if you have no plans to ever sell, it’s nice to own a piece that will likely continue to appreciate in value that isn’t a Rolex. I’d definitely stick with the Master Control or Reverso and stay away from the “less timeless” looking ….

  19. MikaJuP says:

    Hi there. Love the watch and JLC in general! I have a question: I’m considering my first “nice” watch purchase and am COMPLETELY torn between two watches that I really love: the new JLC Master Control (with black croc strap) and Zenith’s El Primero 36’000 VPH Original 1969 Chronograph. I know, they’re completely different watches and I plan to own them both in long term! But which one should I start with? Btw, I’m 30, male, work in suit so don’t have issues with having a dressy watch… Thanks!

  20. John Smith says:


  21. cavok84 says:

    First time wearing leather and I actually like it much more than I thought I would. Other than the water resistance issue (which on our watches in 5bar/50meters) I believe the movement should still be fine against the accidental door ding. I’m just much more careful with this thing than I was with my sub lv, which I tossed around a bit. For financial reasons I’m trying to stick to one high end piece until I feel I can justify it, so I had to let my rolex go. Going to pick up a beater to hike in.

  22. IrixGuy says:

    JLC is great but they definitely aren’t ruggedized like a Rolex or Omega. My swim watch is a Seamaster 300m and I’m about to pick up a Sub C non date. These look great on croc or gator don’t they?

  23. cavok84 says:

    just stumbled on your channel. Very nice watch! I recently picked up my first JLC, a Master Chrono. Coming from a submariner I’m a bit concerned with the potential wear and tear, but other than that small concern I couldn’t be happier. They don’t offer the chrono with a bracelet so black alligator is what I’m rockin’.

  24. IrixGuy says:

    It’s likely a valid claim. Rolex is known for some safeguards against over winding. I usually just give my JLC a couple turns then throw on my wrist or in my watch winder.

  25. bmotx says:

    I have the same watch. The lady at the store told me not to give the crown more than 3 or 4 full turns to wind it up, so as not to damage the movement. Do you know if this is true? Because on my rolex I give it’s crown about 40 turns to wind it up.

  26. IrixGuy says:

    Thanks! Yeah, I love it! I do miss the ruggedness of the Sub but this is a dress watch. I think that I may add a Sub C NO DATE or Panerai Luminor next. Which would you add?

  27. Sam Uraijack says:

    awesome watch, and all for around the price of a sub. master control is arguably the best value for dollar in modern horology.

  28. IrixGuy says:

    Also stainless makes it more versatile. Definitely not a swim piece since it has not screw down crown but rain drops won’t spot a stainless bracelet. Plus snooty pricks will give ya more respect, as stainless MSRP is more LOL if that matters to you. Great piece regardless what ya put it on just not suitable for rubber straps 🙂

  29. IrixGuy says:

    Stainless cause you can’t get a good aftermarket stainless. With haggling I got same price for stainless as strap. It easy to put on aftermarket strap plus aftermarket strap can be genuine croc or other skins and not just leather. Master Control is fav piece in my collection ATM. Going to Grand Cayman gonna add Luminor or Submariner next. Cheers!