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Jean Piaget: How a Child Thinks

No copyright infringement intended This online video was manufactured as a last project by Gloria Pugliese (great good friend and classmate) and myself for our “Psychology of Co…

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  1. Mira Narro says:

    Thank you ladies! Exactly what I needed for my coursework. Heaps of Blessings to you and your families.

  2. Melanie C says:

    A tomato isn’t a vegetable but great video other wise!

  3. Cynthia Wong says:

    Thank you Lauren, that means a lot to us!

  4. Lauren Murry says:

    I don’t leave comments often, but when I do it’s for a well-crafted video.

  5. David N says:

    A good introduction to Piaget. I’m starting the Child Development module of my psychology degree later in the year.

  6. Margaret Holz says:

    VERY nicely done…thanks!

  7. Sarfraz Arif says:

    second stage is not concrete operational, its pre operational

  8. tuqa hasan says:

    very informative video thank you for making my life easier

  9. timo meier says:

    Why is there a Picture of Lawrence Kohlberg in the beginning?

  10. EdgePitSwing says:

    I never said Jesus didn’t exist. lol

  11. John Smith says:

    yeah stupid kids
    freakin confuse everything

  12. John Smith says:


  13. John Smith says:

    A cucumber is technically a fruit though the scientific and botanical definition. Anyways you have great video making skills and I’ve actually learnt alllllooootttt!

  14. badyuff says:

    yehh i just saw it :3 i love this video it actually is exactly how children think xD

  15. Cynthia Wong says:

    If you go to 2:00, it’s stated that tomatoes are fruits. 

  16. badyuff says:

    1:55 fail. tomatoes are fruit

  17. ThinkingInGray says:

    Whilst not all religions start with creation stories (which I guess is what you were alluding to), it is certainly the case that seeking answers in the face of uncertainty is at the heart of every significant religion but this is also at the heart of every significant scientific discipline.

    Or, put another way, if you just pick up a text book and accept the answers found by others you are little different from those who listen to tribal shamans and accept their version of how the world is.

  18. Jordan Randles says:

    I’m not going to get into this. Jesus existed.