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Jean-Claude Biver, Hublot Watches – European University Barcelona, Geneva and Munich – set – The expression CEO delivers to brain photos of figures and seriousness. But the key level of Jean Claude Biver’s discuss on Ja…

A world initial, a unique piece, an outstanding and exceptionally exceptional feat. And a completely diverse approach was utilised for its generation. Study much more: http://www….
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  1. Stoycho Ganev says:

    You came to Bulgaria?

  2. Walter Galindo says:

    Awesome, 2 things i love, Marketing and Watches

  3. dartagnanx1 says:

    Terrific! Mr Biver is an inspiration!

  4. ionut baciu says:


  5. znaszlisiora says:

    you could buy a country for that watch

  6. XxCorralzxX says:

    they can do both

  7. silverberet says:


  8. benjaminhk says:

    Wasted the diamonds….

  9. lillskiten1337 says:

    this is a very gorgeous watch, to me it looks like a nice piece of glass art

  10. MrVoland999 says:

    diamonds look wack on a mans watch…unless u are a rapper

  11. skelly0000001 says:

    @knvnozg sure is right. i know you were also thought it might be a fake promise. Listen to this, ive seen this car selling rediculously cheap on this site. you can also get it from here –>

  12. archerbooking says:

    Please , when I die I want to be rich in my next life so I can buy a watch like that and marry Kim Kardashian and do other stupid shit like tattooing my nuts 🙂

  13. aristides1002 says:

    gime you watch so i can feed Africa nigga

  14. iialau vyiia says:

    there’s so much ice on it you’d go blind from reading this under the sun

  15. boba jo says:

    it worths now 6dollars in morroco made in china

  16. kaveman525 says:

    u ppl r retarded, please do some research before acting so ignorantly

  17. Jessica Macias says:


  18. NPWatchGroupe says:

    I would love to see it!

  19. Sirjean5 says:

    5 Million on a wrist ?? Who says you can’t but time……….

  20. Patrick Berger says:

    China Wachte not Swiss Wachtes.

  21. alexcolosimoo says:

    didnt beyonce just buy this