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Hublot – The Blueprint

The Blueprint is centered on capturing the spirit of intricate craftsmanship and wealthy lifestyle inherent to the world’s most recognizable brands. On this premie…

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  1. iDEBS says:

    I put my hand up nothing happened, give me my money back bitch!

  2. Song says:

    this is all very nice, but i’ll probably only live to be 60 something so i don’t need a watch that lasts a million years…thank you very much

  3. LeanDreMPeters says:

    a HUBLOTwatch….. or a car -_-

  4. Sercan Albayrak says:

    kobe bryant

  5. Ahsan B.C Sherringtion says:

    I love this documentary, this is my favorite Blueprint doc, i’d like to see one in the Rolex factory if that’s possible.

  6. COCONDECK says:

    I made it a goal to own a Hublot around 8-10 years ago when I saw a black and orange one in a jewelry store. I’m not rich or anything so that’s why I still don’t have one; but when Jay-Z mentioned the brand on J. Cole’s ‘Mr. Nice Watch’ it made me not want one anymore because they were going to turn popular and sought after. Thanks Jigga Man for ruining my dreams…

  7. M Rindfeldt says:

    I own six Hublot big bang’s.

  8. youneekk says:

    SATAN has appeared, click on my channel to see…

  9. Noor Elahi says:

    What am I watching?

  10. jestoril75 says:

    swiss movement!!!!!!

  11. IllumicorpMusic says:

    “The alchemists in their search for gold discovered many other things of greater value.” ~Arthur Schopenhauer, Illuminated German Philosopher, February 22, 1788 – September 21, 1860

  12. KingDavid2011Tv says:

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