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Hublot Launches Oceanographic Diver Chronograph Watch In London

See more @ This video is by Watch Anish ( for aBlogtoWatch. Artistic and fashion video of the Hublot Oc…

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. fastcougar3200 says:

    I bet on my mother-in-law’s mortage that no real oceanographic diver will wear this piece. HugeBlow.

  2. Nathan Nguyen says:

    is it out yet?

  3. Erken Kaliev says:

    39 sek. hubolt model ?

  4. fastcougar3200 says:

    btw, that nic looking guy on the left is me.

  5. fastcougar3200 says:

    As I sat in the living room, contemplating this important online buy, there all of a sudden, was a beam of light shining down from the sky above me saying ‘Buy this Hublot, my son..’I thought, my ureka moment in life has finally arrived, I will buy this watch. BUY this watch! You will not be disappointed. Trust me, I would NOT lie to you. Buy it, OR ELSE I

  6. cashflownpv says:

    I love Hublot and own 2 Oceanographics myself.

  7. Mandy Lion says:

    Fantastic watches. Thank you for this.

  8. Fernandes. F says:

    I’d take AP over this any time

  9. hlbrem says:

    the world of rich people, when can i be there???

  10. Damon Slachter says:


  11. Swiss Made says:

    im impressed that some of those individuals could get the wall mounted clocks under there cuffs !

  12. anifz16 says:

    this vid is made by hulbot

  13. Kristin Kramer says:

    I love the mood of the video and the way it seems to allow us to sneak peeks at the different watches everyone is wearing without being intrusive, like we are there just catching glimpses of what the event is about – it’s cool. I look forward to seeing more videos by this guy

  14. benjaminhk says:

    Good music, Boring watches design….

  15. Googs5 says:

    Some very nice looking watches!

  16. Aaaaaaaaaaaandrew says:

    Awesome video of people drinking to cool music- other than that, it’s not even worth uploading, or watching.

  17. rssagoo says:

    Song is Everything Ive Got – Biossom Dearie

  18. jjlwis says:

    Wow, I can’t believe all this started with Carlo Crocco, and then really got huge when JCB took over, I just hope they have staying power since joining LVHM.

  19. Easyandy100 says:

    No Hublot a lot more expensive. Great stuff but if you looking for classy watch then I would say don’t buy a $10k plus watch new but look for a vintage. I like Breitling for vintage. Made solid. But be careful; if it looks too good then it probably isn’t an original.

  20. makpak says:

    yea, but that price is the same the hublot watches isnt it?

    what are some good vintage watches, you reckon? that hold their price for long?

    the reason why i was so specific about tag heuer 24 monaco calibre 36, is cus its like a dream watch… but then again you make a good point about buying something vintage, hold it like an investment….

  21. Easyandy100 says:

    Great! It you want to spend that amount of money it is always worth looking at vintage watches as they tend to hold their value.

  22. makpak says:

    what do you think about the tag heuer 24 monaco calibre 36?

  23. Easyandy100 says:

    There are some out there in a similar vain; Bell&Ross might be slightly similar (5k). Myself I like Tag Heur. If you can afford a Tag ‘Link’ that is a great watch. If you are looking for a chunky everyday watch then I would go for Casio G shock. They are a favourite of Special Forces due to reliability and toughness. You can get high end G Shock for about $600 where all the parts are made to highest spec. but a normal one is about $200.

  24. shoulderollHD says:

    Not cheap hublot watches. I said any alternatives. Look alike. Simular style. But for a cheaper price. I don’t have may weather money lol

  25. Easyandy100 says:

    A cheap Hublot? Not a chance.

  26. shoulderollHD says:

    daamn. …. lol. any cheap alternatives?

  27. Easyandy100 says:

    He would have made a FORTUNE!

  28. Easyandy100 says:

    Hublot normally retail for around $60k.

  29. Easyandy100 says:

    George Foreman: $100,000
    Ray Leonard: $140,000
    Larry Holmes: $65,000
    Thomas Hearns: $58,000
    Lennox Lewis: $105,000
    Azumah Nelson: $52,000
    Julio Cesar Chavez: $100,000
    Roberto Duran: $55,000
    Oscar De La Hoya: $72,000
    Mike Tyson: $120,000
    Jeff Fenech: $60,000
    Ken Norton: $60,000

  30. shoulderollHD says:

    Make more videos like this.
    And is it possible for us fans to get one of those. For an affordable price?

  31. Korsarzysko says:

    gay song

  32. ThePepsg35 says:

    Wish I was there just to meet them

  33. Agustin04ss says:

    hey elie who’s watch raised the most cash?

  34. Simon Sahota says:

    Thats great Ellie, Keep up coverage on stuff like this. Real cool – @iAmSimonSahota

  35. AhsanKarimOfficial says:

    Larry Holmes and Tommy Hearns part is funny

  36. makpak says:

    Lol at larry shouting at Tommy hearns

  37. soleh199523 says:

    What’s with the fucken gay music in the backround

  38. M055B0RG says:

    @MrJosephjunior sugar ray probably has a really reaaly strong metabolism

  39. Pedro Ortega says:

    I would have liked that the great Mohamed Ali had attended that event!

  40. Easyandy100 says:

    Tyson had surgery on his neck for an old complaint. Degenerative disc.