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How Ulysse Nardin Makes Watches Part 6

This is element six of a great corporate movie produced by Ulysse Nardin showing how they generate mechanical view movements and other look at components at their fac…
Video clip Score: five / 5

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  1. Robert Paterson says:

    I walked into the Ulysse Nardin shop in Shanghai last year, said to the nice girl I couldn’t afford one but I wanted to see some for real. Only seen them on Youtube before. She directed me to the showcases and then gave me a splendid book describing all the models. These are more than watches. They are works of art. How safe would you be wearing one of these on the street? It’s like a Mona Lisa on your wrist! I can only dream but I’m glad this quality of timepiece is made for someone.

  2. ricochet188 says:

    They’re all little people 😀

  3. KOSMASM88 says:

    Hope that those people know how lucky they are…

  4. jjlwis says:

    I like how the same care is taken for all watches, from a basic cal 118 to a Freak. !

  5. ikozielek says:

    Is this your idea of mental torture? Feeding us bite size chunks. You are doing a good job of this, and I can just hear you laughing at us while we are squealing in pain. These videos are way too short. We want more! We want more! We want more, like, right now!

    Ok! I’d better be off to my counselling appointment now!

  6. CH7750 says:

    I wonder if the workers get a watch….. or at least pay cost. That would be cool.

  7. JHerforth says:

    Wife: “Honey! What are you watching?!”
    Husband: “Just a watch company’s promo video”
    Wife: “Why are your pants around your ankles then?!”

  8. ABisopht says: