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How Ulysse Nardin Makes Watches Part 3

This is portion 3 of a amazing company film made by Ulysse Nardin exhibiting how they produce mechanical view actions and other watch areas at their fac…

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  1. b00nsmoviesss says:

    ulysse nardin´╗┐ san ­čśÇ

  2. timmietijd says:

    where did they film the sea? Because Switzerland is surrounded by land.´╗┐

  3. bezkosni says:

    I can’t help but think that some of these watchmakers have tediously monotonous jobs, doing the same couple of operations all day every day, just like any other worker on an assebly line. But, I´╗┐ guess it’s a bit nicer assembling high-end watches somewhere in Switzerland, then making cheap-ass T-shirts in Bangladesh or China…

  4. salo200305 says:


  5. b00nsmoviesss says:

    Spot´╗┐ the dust at 0:23

  6. Marin Bilandzic says:

    i love UN, and my following comment is more about making a funny remark, no harm meant, and i know they are mostly hand made, but when i saw the machine at 0:57 i couldnt´╗┐ help thinking
    “Look at this, a high end swiss watch being made by a japanese machine (Mitsubishi) ­čÖé

  7. RollsRoyceSilverSpur says:

    Ulysse Nardin makes decent watches , I used to have one years ago . I still love the´╗┐ way they put the logo on the bracelet and colorful 15 30 45 arrows in the dial