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[HD] Hublot King Power Cathedral Gong Tourbillon Minute Repeater Marcus Piece Unique

Right here is a arms on appear at the a single off Hublot creation for Marcus Watches, the King Electrical power Cathedral Tourbillon Minute Repeater. See more at www.View-Anish…
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In the fashion of a somewhat zany, “silent movie” structure, right here is a nearer search at Hublot’s new and very first manufacture movement, the Unico.

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  1. Anish Girdhar says:

    This is an amazing piece. Then again, I may be biased ’cause I have a thing for quality watches with white straps. Pity they made only one.

    King Power F1 Suzuka is a good choice for anyone looking for this kind of hublot watch though.

  2. thehoeboss says:

    THE crusaders watch… 0.o

  3. Andy Evans says:

    dude, sick watch!

  4. lindat warren says:

    Who’s the lucky owner!

  5. Unknown User says:

    Three great complications in 1 awesome loud and pretentious watch…I need it!

  6. Gertrud Canes says:

    If only I had the money…

  7. moj kleptoman says:


  8. ThunderzGFX says:

    Minute repeater sounds good in the titanium case…shame about the design, though the colours are nice

  9. Roby Rob says:

    I don’t get how a watch can cost so much o__O

  10. catalin mary says:

    WOW!! $800,000+ that’s crazy!!

  11. monertafte54 says:

    Great watch and review, though the size is too big for me!

  12. ryanhayn says:

    Hublot = ugly watches that 99.99% of the world can’t afford. So sad.