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Ferrari stand shorter overview Frankfurt 2013: Ferrari 458 Speciale, F12, Hublot watch and more Ferrari stand shorter overview Frankfurt 2013: Ferrari 458 Speciale, F12, Hublot view and far more.
Online video Rating: four / five Basic footage of Baselworld location and Hublot booth at Baselworld 2009 footage of the Hublot Million Greenback Massive Bang.

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  1. João Paulo Ferreira says:

    Awesome stand, perfect, nice video o/

  2. m5boarddotcom says:

    Then you havent seen Audi and BMW stands LOL.

  3. UbetYou2 says:

    U Blooooooooooooows….. With Big Bang !

  4. ilsamiri7 says:

    “Hall of constipation” Oh wait. My bad.

  5. ilsamiri7 says:

    Need to stop watching this videos. Late for work lol. So that’s 200% chance of not being able to afford this watch then haha.

  6. JC Sayer says:

    I love watches, precise timing, every piece is interesting. Like the caliber, gears motion, the bezel and face. I love my tag huer, Its simple, plain, classy and can sure turn some heads and avert attention. Hublot has a nice collection, I love the la Ferrari, it has unique style and the way it’s built looks like a Ferrari motor. It’s not the price that defines your watch, it’s your sense of style that dresses your personality.

  7. Adamek says:

    you just cannot afford it man ;o)

  8. hlbrem says:

    here are the watches are more valuable than human

  9. floater156 says:

    The Patek 5002 is $1M, but it looks classy as hell and has NO diamonds, this Hublot has to put gaudy diamonds all over it to command $1M – Pathetic. I hate Hublot.

  10. Dan Szeto says:

    to save on costs

  11. RENYTUBE41 says:

    If you gave it to me it would be on EBay in ten seconds

  12. albobeats1 says:

    why the fuck is the band rubber???????????

  13. Kyle Stults says:

    Here’s the thing: the person who would buy this already has a house (more than one), a Ferrarii, and a Lamborghini. So your question is not really relevant.