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Confirmed with Hublot, Jay-Z does not possess this watch, never ever did. Pay a visit to our authentic report right here →
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  1. triniyankee says:

    I would prefer that if you told him you would have to kill him. its funnier that way

  2. jpcarigma says:

    @kingcooper yeah but if ur jay z net worth half a billion… this is like buying a 5,000 thousand dollar watch

  3. king cooper says:

    Anybody who buys that shit is an idiot..I’d rather buy a house with $5 million or donate it to the numerous starving kids around the world..

  4. Kemit Hitler says:

    and your reply is the typical reply of a vulgar, showy, tasteless cretin 

  5. WatchyougoTV says:

    My source at Hublot confirmed that Jay-Z does NOT own this watch, Beyonce did NOT buy it for him.

  6. Christian McCoy says:

    That is your opinion. You should keep those to yourself though.

  7. Christian McCoy says:

    Whatever helps you feel better about being insignificant I guess.

  8. Christian McCoy says:

    Spoken like a truly personally inadequate human being!

  9. WatchyougoTV says:

    Aint it Jay?

  10. WatchyougoTV says:

    I didn’t see any when I was shooting the watch. But had I, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. 🙂

  11. Chris J says:

    illuminati signs on the watch???

  12. Kemit Hitler says:

    a grotesquely ugly watch in every possible way

  13. hyonjun says:

    that shit cray

  14. mappyls says:

    meanwhile in Africa

  15. Dr.mohammad elshafey says:


  16. Monty Asesto says:

    Wtf?!! Watches are simply for knowing time, not show offing.

  17. George Towers says:

    I guess this watch is for people who are bored with there money.

  18. WatchyougoTV says:

    It’s a very cool watch, but with a $5mil price tag and flowing with diamonds, it’s not for everybody. Being a one-off piece, it’s really only for one person.

  19. Zabivelli says:

    like beyonce maybe? what about jay z? a little bit of dr. dre maybe..or lets say rick ross??

  20. alexw647 says:

    Hublot is a huge disgrace to the watchmaking world. $5 million for this hunk of junk? Only REAL FUCKING IDIOTS would buy that.

  21. SirJuanSheet says:

    looks like its come out of a 2p pusher quiksilver machine down the amusements

  22. Aidan Bob says:

    have 20 of those

  23. TheNBArobert says:

    hey where can i buy it