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Blancpain Endurance Spa, Belgium, 28th-29th July 2012 Watch Again Part 1 – | GT World

Element 1 Blancpain Endurance Spa, Belgium, twenty eighth-29th July 2012 Look at Yet again | GT Planet All the drama and pleasure from an enthralling 2012 time. The Officia…
Movie Ranking: four / 5

The Formal YouTube channel of the FIA GT Championship and Blancpain Endurance Collection Watch dwell races, exceptional driver interviews and all driving the scene…
Video Score: four / 5

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  1. jihnel santo domingo says:

    I think I’ve found a series to replace F1

  2. Tranzorr says:

    Awesome, 66 cars on track, more than Le Mans.

  3. ALgene1013 . says:

    Where’s the part 2?

  4. dude176AAA says:


  5. dude176AAA says:

    Epicness has just started on my monitor

  6. nobaccos says:


  7. johnnymclaneutah says:

    I mean 24… i’m an idiot.

  8. johnnymclaneutah says:

    Wow, this is a long race :S 13 hours or something like that…

  9. kshaffer82 says:

    seriously ive been waiting forever to watch this in the us thank you

  10. Sean Johnstone says:

    How many adverts do we need to see in 4 hours,most likely they will b the same,it kills this race series.

  11. 0AvZ0 says:

    2fast4u xD

  12. PttyBlue43 says:

    fuck you

  13. spider5604 says:

    The front car of every quere is a porsche holding up….

  14. thevinceberry says:

    actually they use fuel injection system now, and I know Nascar racing technology is way behind F1 or GT and much cheaper, but their safety technology is excellent. For example the Hans device or safer barrier

  15. CBZA CARNAGE says:

    F1 suck

  16. Pranab Cherambakad says:

    We need SpeedVision back

  17. Troy Brown says:

    hahah this is madness, wonderful madness!

  18. BKi7Prod says:

    Nascar sucks dick. It such a stupid car sport… Going around in circles (gay)… I mean THIS is some real car sport ! Gt3 !

  19. akiradvd3 says:

    nascar suck

  20. basedgodstrugglin says:

    Haha come fuck my bitch bro lmao

  21. Drew Lowry says:

    I hear the they have the full races in #BASEDWORLD. WOOP WOOP SWAG…..

  22. TheSaurus84 says:

    Lot of action in this championship!!

  23. JuergenGDB says:

    Also SPEED is being relaunched in August of 2013.. Only Nascar and all the other BS that comes with NASCAR will be aired.. everything else will be aired.. who knows where else.. it will become FOXSports1.. and will have baseball, and FIFA I believe bu no Car programs.

  24. JuergenGDB says:

    I totaly agree.. my thinking is SPEED which is owned by NASCAR.. the reason I say Nascar is because of Fox has broadcast rights to the Bush, Nascar series and they probably do not want competition.. which is stupid. if you look at the programing on SPEED.. there is so much BS re-runs from 7 years ago on SPEED their own web page is inandated with hate mail, and have been requesting European racing for th past 5 years at least. Like the goverment they do not listen and give us Speed2

  25. goliac492 says:


  26. TheBk85 says:


  27. TheBk85 says:

    Btw fuck roundly round As

  28. TheBk85 says:

    Great race and no fans in the stands

  29. TheBk85 says:

    Where r the fans?

  30. Arden Sam says:

    Man I miss the VitaPhone Maserati MC12…

  31. Emily Forbes says:

    Behind the scenes…MONZA : Check out the ALD Automotive Belgium channel – Film 5