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A$AP Rocky Narrates adidas’ Quick Ain’t Fair Commercial – A$ AP Rocky lends his vocals for adidas’ Fast Aint Fair industrial that includes Damian Lillard, John Wall and Jrue Getaway in promenade…
Video Rating: 4 / five Juelz Santana weighs in on Jeremy Scott’s adidas patterns explaining why he feels comfortable sporting just about all of his shoes….

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  1. DeSmittyTV says:


  2. jwarriorjake says:

    My life in 3 words.

  3. Bryson Holley says:

    But kyrie with nike…but rose with adidas

  4. Shawn Bai says:


  5. Shawn Bai says:


  6. wilfredaward123 says:

    Song ?

  7. Jaden Borg says:

    Couldn’t Be A Better Commercial 🙂

  8. ZayJoshlive says:

    0:22 Hit him wit that 2K13

  9. Matthew Clark says:

    The last time is perfect

  10. seema sharma says:

    nike > addidas addidas commercials> nike commericials

  11. ThatMade3 says:

    Asap rocky – Goldie

  12. ImTheRealRossman says:

    Whats the song?

  13. salaheddine sadaoui says:

    Damian <3 future MVP

  14. Rannie Purcell says:


  15. Rannie Purcell says:

    Drone also had Mvp

  16. Rosanne Chen says:

    lol Derrick Rose is First pick, R.O.Y. and mvp and all star

  17. Joel Miller says:

    John Wall- 1st pick, Damian Lillard- ROY, Jrue Holiday- All-Star. Kyrie Irivng- all three….Derrick Rose- all three plus MVP

  18. Elfinlox says:

    This isn’t an AdiZero shoe though.

  19. djniceh1 says:

    And that boy jrue

  20. ccmanm says:

    Drose would still beat all of them

  21. ccmanm says:

    Derrick could’ve been in this commercial he’s healed from the acl tear he could’ve came back anytime

  22. fsarpas123 says:

    derrick rose should’ve been in this commercial to bad he was injured

  23. Zentrone says:

    Wrd John wall 360 dunk crazy

  24. Dylan Wolfram says:

    Damian Lillards spin move is called the t-Mac.

  25. FAMAfilliated says:

    yo dead ass am i the only one who hear his hispanic accent tho??

  26. Bob Lewis says:

    if your man dress like a girl/woman would you accept it and bewith him still? highly doubt you would

  27. Bob Lewis says:

    i think she’ll cheer him on so then she’ll have a manish woman that can be in the kitchen instead of her

  28. Bob Lewis says:

    it’s not about making some1 gay it’s about throwing the wrong attention you’ll be mistaken as gay if you wear gay looking stuff such as a girl wearing slutty clothes first thing we’ll think is we’ll hit that and shes a slut yeah might look good on her but if she isnt ready to be groped and treated like a slut dont throw out that attention that you are a slut thats ready for the dick any dick

  29. ZT2wolflover says:


  30. Addictedtosneakers21 says:

    mmm I wonder what he thinks about fake sneakers

  31. Mawume Buatsi says:

    “…peoples personal preferences have nothing to do with their talent.” It’s sad people try so hard to link them in one way or the other.

  32. daniel kassaye says:

    Personal Preference..

  33. Ryan Palmer says:

    omg what a bunch of hypebeasts, they’re not called “cheetah shits” they’re fucking leopard originals and I’d rather drop 200 on those then any cheap quality ass 300 dollar jordans that everyone and their grandmother got like 3 times over.

  34. AnArKeeSeaSon says:

    Tark to dem!……

  35. Sephyiroth Masamune says:

    Lol it’s only a matter of time. It’s not even just Clothing, It’s deeper than just that. You got grown men wearing tongue rings, color contacts and twerking better than females (not dancing) while calling themselves straight and females like you be co-signing that homosexual shit and call it “expressing themselves” til shit gets even more out of hands. Let’s not make this a “Gay thing” though because I’m sure clothes designed by gays for the masses has been done. Look at the bigger picture tho.

  36. OUWATZAHLE08 says:

    man Juelz Santana looks like nick cannon so much

  37. Django Freeman says:

    sum scotts are NIIICEEE