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A typical child on Piaget’s conservation tasks

A standard four.5-12 months-aged on Piagetian conservation jobs: variety, duration, liquid, mass, and spot.

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  1. Kimberly Ong says:

    Autism, perhaps? Though autism has many intensities and affects individuals differently.

  2. justsmilehomie says:

    The people who say “this kid is stupid” are stupid themselves.

  3. uriituw says:

    I guess analytical thinking also needs to be developed over time.

  4. Milo Barrera says:

    He doesn’t understand the conservation of mass yet. We learn that when we are around 11 and he’s 4.5 years old.

  5. PGouv says:

    that was my thoughts too. If they thought that much they wouldnt make a theory . :) Because no theory is complete

  6. Alec Miller says:

    true she did say good so the kid followed by repeating what he did wrong the first time to please her, i mean the kid is fucking four or five, he by now learns by repeating or copying others and by repeating patterns so he recognized the patterns and did what he thought was needed of him, i can tell u that when i was his age i wasnt as dumb dont matter what my language skill was, so as most of the kids i knew( speaking as an orphan, well adopted one anyway)

  7. שלומי מהשכונה says:

    2:35 ohhh yea squish them softly

  8. Luke Mayhew says:

    are there specific brain disorders that cause people to never get some of these concepts, to never pass this stage of development? (or at least to stay there for like 5 extra years). I’m interested in reading up. (I’m skeptical that these are calculation/spatial problems rather than language ambiguities – though this is brand new to me, these tests)

  9. LadyTee2792 says:

    He is so cute!!!!

  10. AWESOMEGilbirdThe1 says:

    Jimmy! You owe me a cracker!

  11. AWESOMEGilbirdThe1 says:

    I just realized that my older cousin used me for this. ._.

  12. dslgunner1977 says:

    Excellant point! I think the language skills of the child being tested could have a huge impact on whether or not the child answers correctly. Also in watching various videos of these type of tests many of the children seem eager to please which could also be another possible flaw; the child answers what he/she thinks the test administrator wants to hear rather than what the child may (or may not) actually believe the correct answer to be.

  13. Tokyo Girls Style Fan Page says:

    cute kid

  14. alwaysnaptime says:

    that poor kid is being jipped out of a graham cracker.

  15. koolgal103 says:

    Woah. Uncalled for…