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Viewer Collection Review – Jaeger-LeCoultre watch collection – Ragnar

Viewer Selection Review – Jaeger-LeCoultre view assortment – Ragnar.

Grey & Sons reviews the Jaeger Lecoultre Reverso Solar Moon in 18k Rose Gold. Locate this merchandise here: get a quot…

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  1. Dave Sampson says:

    I love JLC but the Squadras a bust. Stick with the Reverso.

    Got DW a ladies reverso duo and the wife fuckin loves it.

  2. Dave Sampson says:

    I get Regnas choice here, but I think Regna blew it by picking a Rose Gold watch – itll pick up nicks and scratches easier and youll end up with a beat up Killer old watch thats gonna look like fuckin hell after a dirt bike run, weekend in front of a BBQ, or. I suppose if you are guy that lays around and basically couch surfs all the time the Jaeger is awesome. Better off with a one side SS reverso which was built as a hit taker, or a regular guy no date sub that.

  3. Oscar Arzate says:

    you moron should have a poetic wish ,or a jlc tourbillon, and you should consider selling everything you have and buy a patek sky moon tourbillon platinum case

  4. amazingjuan001 says:


  5. NamVeteran420 says:

    i agree! it really adds to the feel of the channel.

  6. keltecdan says:

    I would go with jaeger lecoultre as well and will hopefully buy a reverso squadra hometime which has more bang per buck

  7. EnterSierraMikain says:

    archie wise words at the end

  8. preciousmetals168 says:

    ‘i really like your blue dial on your chronomat’ = ‘i really like the deep conker brown color of your turd’

  9. Gray & Sons Jewelers says:

    Hi Nicolau. We sold this particular piece, but you can see our other Jaeger LeCoultre on our website!

  10. Nicolau Goulart says:

    What’s the reference number of this piece? Thank you.

  11. only1antjones says:

    That’s a great price! A day date Rolex is 32,000 and in my opinion does not compare to this reverso.