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For much more information on the Tissot PRC two hundred, go to Pay a visit to for a comparison wi…

See a lot more @ Upcoming later on in 2013 will be the following phase flagship design in the Tissot T-Contact view assortment with the T-Touch Ex…
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  1. Jasan Alvarez says:

    The lume is decent I would say, I think the average lume lover would be satisfied. The leather strap is not that good. Buy a couple´╗┐ of replacements ­čśë

  2. corght says:

    It’s very good, I wold say a little more than average. It has more lume than the Seiko SNA41´╗┐ which is a pilot watch.

  3. Geetar2112 says:

    How´╗┐ is the lume on this model?

  4. corght says:


  5. Jasan Alvarez says:

    I´╗┐ have it and it is a beautiful piece.

  6. rrugacishqiptare says:

    this watch is with´╗┐ battery. i dont like it

  7. dogboneblack says:

    I´╗┐ want this watch now !

  8. Arnulf Lelorrain says:

    The certified watchmaker who´╗┐ sells you this beautiful item has all the tools necessary to remove the necessary number of links to fit to your desired size.

  9. DJohnGalt says:

    Generic ETA quartz encased in a low quality ss. Slap a name brand and´╗┐ people will fork their money over. Nah. No thanks.

  10. corght says:

    Check my other vid in´╗┐ the video responses below ”Tissot PRC200 Review/specs”. I show the chronograph movement in this video.

  11. toxicjz says:

    you just need to push the buttons to show the movement. no need to open it´╗┐ mate

  12. corght says:

    I don’t have the special tool to open the case.´╗┐

  13. Steve D says:

    Why did you not show the´╗┐ chronograph movement??

  14. jan kokot says:

    i have prc´╗┐ 100,bracelet is uncomfirtible garbage,but watch are very good,no isue

  15. ╬ö╬Ě╬╝╬̤ä¤ü╬̤é ╬ť╬┐¤ů. says:

    so this exact version of the watch wont come out? its a shame because i liked the most out of all the other ones´╗┐ in the t-touch expert collection :((((((

  16. jednoucelovy says:

    so he pushed “chrono” twice and it did´╗┐ 1) nothing 2) “compass” ah well

  17. TheEsnaf says:

    I have T-touch expert and i love it but i’m missing a little/discrete back light.´╗┐ Tissot should try to make it happen on the new models.

  18. nukstero says:

    is it´╗┐ a waveceptor

  19. DerEsle says:

    But it looks like shit… ´╗┐

  20. DerEsle says:

    It is a prototype, didn’t you watch´╗┐ the video?

  21. djdavesonic says:

    I now need´╗┐ a new battery for my t-touch expert titanium as well (grrr!!!). Is there a back light on this one ?, and when will it be available to buy in the uk?

  22. zorig khurelbaatar says:

    it would be very cool, if instead of timer placed thermo. and anti-scratch screen. with black´╗┐ titanium case.

  23. zorig khurelbaatar says:

    from where can we by this. i´╗┐ cannot see from official website exactly this watch. or when it will release?

  24. jose fernando amado garcia says:

    Where is the thermo function´╗┐ ?it is a must in the expert

  25. Ted McScorcher says:

    Massively attractive indeed. Should be available right away after all this time.´╗┐

  26. DarklyBishop says:

    Hate that bezel in the “corners”! Looks retarded. Great work on showing the chrono´╗┐ function. Other then that awesome watch and a great vid!

  27. SuccubusLover69 says:

    very´╗┐ good looking

  28. tokekkk says:

    Casio ProTrek > ´╗┐ this

  29. hdvideozpro says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on´╗┐ one