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The Exchange by Victorinox Swiss Army – Official Movie

Presenting the Authentic Chronograph Limited Edition by Victorinox Swiss Army Uncover more on //////////////////////////////…
Video Rating: 4 / five

See more @ aBlogtoWatch seems at the 2013 Constrained Edition 3-hand and Chronograph versions of the Swiss Army Airboss view col…
Movie Score: five / 5

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  1. jewen lim says:

    ordered one before seeing this short movie – what a WIN ;D

  2. Lex5576 says:

    Beautiful Girl, beautiful watch, beautiful commercial.

  3. Gaurav Arora says:

    Beautiful movie embedded with lovely surprise and emotion of love.
    Well done VICTORINOX.
    Waiting for more of such creatively produces movies.
    Best wishes.

  4. Dmitry Plekhanov says:

    Check waches and take a look time at iPad(stop where is it? Dad!!!)…
    No comments…

  5. jjdjjdjjdjdjdjjdjdjd says:

    Pretty girl. Will you marry ME honey?

  6. Guy Adrian says:

    He’ll power it with his log. lol.

  7. lakylaky2008 says:

    ipad without charger ?….useless 😀

  8. YaPechenko1 says:

    часы так-себе,а вот реклама шикарная

  9. xSp33dy says:

    This story reminded me about my grandfather who actually died when I was only 12. I miss his old stories and his realistic ways of seeing things. You all have no idea how lucky you are that you CAN hug your grandfather…

  10. Thiago Hirata says:

    Isso sim é propaganda.

  11. sponkless says:

    wonderful story

  12. maine hockey says:

    When do these hit stores? I want one bad.

  13. villarossa says:

    What is the model number for the chrono bracelet?

  14. Zach B says:

    I have an older model air boss mechanical, and it is great! But a little bigger than what I like at 45mm, still is is wearable as I am 6’1″

  15. MangaMiyn says:

    We’ll go with the leather strap, except no substitute

  16. jjlwis says:

    wow! very nice!!!! almost like a RGM with there new Battle Ship Gray color dial!! love it! but im sure price will be quite high… maybe under $3k?

  17. Kwek Joo Chuan says:

    The ar costing looks really good here…

  18. Cranking All Day says:

    Love all your videos! But something that would be helpful would be if you mentioned the retail price.

  19. soubido says:

    price on the titanium chrono?

  20. Mike Brown says:

    Nice swiss entry level watch…..