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THE DIPLOMAT HOTEL official teaser 2

Quantum Movies offers THE DIPLOMAT Resort starring Gretchen Barretto Artwork Acuna Mon Confiado Joel Torre Nico Antonio Chanel Latorre Abe Pagtama Brooke Chantel…

A diplomatic automobile drove a cyclist off the street and the body guards harassed him when he approached them. Captured on a cell mobile phone, so the factor ratio is …
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  1. Angeli Lorenzo says:

    Haha. Nakapunta na ko dian. Totoong my spirits.

  2. emperormcl says:

    maganda parin.

  3. emperormcl says:


  4. emperormcl says:

    malay ko.

  5. emperormcl says:

    i can wait.

  6. Joseph Potian says:

    Hope the movie is better than the trailer. -_-

  7. dino mabolo says:

    Maganda pero ang sama ng ugali.

  8. Dominic Chua says:

    Great cinematography! 

  9. Ronald Verano says:

    ganda ni gretchen

  10. Patrick Bateman says:

    Hey Mate, i started with Judo but am now doing BJJ and muay thai. Thanks for your support, i am a really defensive rider, trying just to mind my business, but these pathetic assholes are out there, and i am not taking shit from them. Fighting with (Road)Cycling shoes on sucks, but if you land a side or spinning kick with the sole, you can do serious damage. I like MTBing as well (got a 29er), but i just need both. Keep it real m8

  11. Andrew du Toit says:

    Hey Patric what kinda marshal arts do you do? I hate people that pick fights on YT, but use aliasas because they’re scared somone will find them and kill them. Put your real name brukernavnmisbruker. And then they have a problem with what you said. I am also a Cyclist and I heve reverted to MTBing for fear of these asses on the road. That Cyclist should get some Krav Mega lessons. Anyway have nice day. And good on you for fighting the good fight.

  12. Grimgerde says:

    >implying pansy peaceful “protests” will ever teach bureaucrats with armed guards to respect ordinary citizens

  13. Patrick Bateman says:

    Sooo, i am a internet toughguy, a pretend badass, and a mental case that will end up in jail all at once? You are just spewing dumb shit, and you know it. What is your deal? Are you the kinda guy, who loves following orders and tell on others? I would rather die or go to jail, then let myself be harassed by these bunch of niggers, and i stand by that. Grow a pair, and realize that you are a free human being.

  14. brukernavnmisbruker says:

    The reason why I laugh at that is because it is mental and you would end up in jail for the rest of your life, so jokes on you bud.

  15. Patrick Bateman says:

    It has nothing to do with being a badass. When a car runs you off the road, it is endangering your LIFE. So you should react, like your life is at stake. And that is the way every cyclist should react, take no prisoners, fight for your life. The really absurd thing is, the guys in the CAR started a fight. That skinny nigger would not have stopped me, i would have tried to kill him and would have felt not the slightest bit of remorse, you can believe that, or laugh at that, i dont really care.

  16. brukernavnmisbruker says:

    I’m able to laugh at how badass you think you are.

  17. Patrick Bateman says:

    Oh, you gonna contribute to the discussion, or just keep on trolling? Are you able to understand what i am saying?

  18. brukernavnmisbruker says:

    Hahahhahaha omg this is too funny.

  19. Patrick Bateman says:

    I am a seasoned Rider, and had my run ins on the road…The guy in the Video clearly has no Martial Arts experience, since he could have rolled out of this “hold” pretty easily, grab a leg and overextend knee/ankle. From a moral standpoint, i would have no qualms inflicting serious damage on this asshole.

  20. brukernavnmisbruker says:

    You’re tough behind your computer screen aren’t you?

  21. Patrick Bateman says:

    Lol fucking niggers, i so wish that would have happened to me. I would kill this fucker, or died trying.

  22. PoesKlap133 says:

    Hein Van Der Merwe

    As we all say “Fuckin Hein”

  23. PoesKlap133 says:

    I went to high school with this faggot! Trust me we all laughing at him

  24. Knuckle Duster says:

    Fuckin nigger cunts again. This time using diplomatic immunity…

  25. fleasternut says:

    Stand up for rights.It is legal to make a video of an event happening in what is considered to be a public space.Be aware though that the police dont really know the law themselves and will probably side with the diplomats. FUCKERS