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Tag Heuer 2000 Exclusive Automatic 18k Solid Gold Discontinued WN5140 Mens Watch

Brand name Tag Heuer Collection 2000 Unique Automatic Design No. wn5140.bg0351 Your Value NO More time Available Dimension Mens Circumstance Content 18kt Yellow Gold Dial Color Whi…
Video clip Score: 3 / five

Discover this view at page=item_info&cPath=two&products_id=359 TAG Heuer Monaco Automatic Chronograph Observe Product: CA…

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  1. MonolithMike says:

    Love your videos, but please don’t move the watch so much so one can see the dial more clearly. 🙂

  2. Nick Comandante says:

    how much would this watch go for on the used market?
    ball park figure is fine 

  3. TheLovejoyAntiques says:

    They have discontinued their line. Exclusive Collection. This thing is very heavy construction. It scraps out at $9,000- $10,000. The only watch I have had that was heavier in gold was the all gold Ulysse nardin Maxi Marine Diver, Can be seen in my youtube channel as well.

  4. kevin c says:

    I had no idea Tag even made solid gold watches.

  5. r0me0brav0 says:

    Correction left subdial is elapsed chrono minutes, right subdial is your second hand (continuous)

  6. r0me0brav0 says:

    Far right dial measures elapsed chronograph minutes

  7. masonkim7 says:

    Breaking Bad !!!!

  8. outcastpwn says:

    What is the dial on the far right for, the left is seconds and the big red hand in a stop watch, and the bottom number is the date right? But whats the far right dial?

  9. KeepTheTime says:

    Yes it is!

  10. KeepTheTime says:

    The size of this strap is also adjustable 😉

  11. MD2744 says:

    i prefer the leather strap with different sizes.

  12. Probable9 says:

    Isn’t breaking bad THE BEST SHOW since…I dunno, the Wire?

  13. coltgun00 says:

    This is a very expensive and extremely high quality watch. The glass is made of some kind of sapphire glass that is so hard supposedly nothing but diamond can scratch it. The clockwork is top-notch and the watch itself is made of nothing but the best materials. The only thing you will ever have to worry about breaking or wearing on this watch is the strap, and even then it is high quality Italian leather. You certainly do get what you pay for. This watch will last many lifetimes.

  14. ryanmacDBerto123 says:

    do you know if this watch is tuff and solid? like it will last a lifetime

  15. speterj says:

    almost makes me want to cook some meth

  16. mrkongsimr says:

    Beautiful watch

  17. Nathan Kobeleff says:

    Walt A.K.A. Heisenberg

  18. KeepTheTime says:

    Walter A.K.A. Walt

  19. junkano says:

    I’m sorry, I made a little mistake. His name is actually Walter

  20. KeepTheTime says:

    Breaking Bad! You are right! Title of the video was updated to reflect this. Thanks for pointing that out =)

  21. junkano says:

    This was given to Walt White from Jesse Pinkman 🙂

  22. DeanMotion says:

    walter white