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Suunto Core All Black Military Watch Review The Suunto Core is my favored observe, featuring very good seems, gentle fat, a triple sensor…
Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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  1. goingprepared says:

    Imagine a little girl and you will have a good idea of the size of my wrists.

  2. TheMikeBravo says:

    What is the circumference of your wrists? Considering buying this watch, however, size-estimate is something i struggle with :p

  3. idahoshootist says:

    The best part about the review for me was showing how it looks and fits. Everyone should do that.

  4. Raganj1 says:

    I love mine!!!

  5. goingprepared says:

    Check out the Ambit or any of their fitness watches if you want features like that.

  6. techclassy says:

    does it calculate your distance speed calories if you run for example?

  7. goingprepared says:

    Yeah, it’s a lot easier to see than how it appeared in the video.

  8. Hákon Jarl says:

    How is the watch direct sunlight, can you see the screen just fine?

  9. 1997PMC says:

    Thanks m8

  10. goingprepared says:

    Yeah, they are a Finnish company anyway. The watch can be set to work anywhere in the world and has something like 20 available languages.

  11. 1997PMC says:

    Good review m8 I live in the uk will the weather settings work here? Thanks

  12. Lozza Turbo says:

    Excellent review cheers. This review made me buy this watch 2 days ago… Only realized today that I ordered other stuff of the website and could’ve ordered this too and just brought it off Going Gear..

    Thanks anyway.

  13. tinyphantazma says:

    Suunto if Finnish and roughly translated its “approximate direction”.. great stuff, good quality.

  14. goingprepared says:

    Uh, there isn’t really much of a beam. It is pure flood. I’ll review it eventually, but it is pretty much the same kind of beam as the F models.

  15. OneNotNumb says:

    Will you please do a review of the Zebralight H502? I’d very much like to see some beam shots before purchasing.

  16. goingprepared says:

    I have a bunch I’ve been working on.

  17. nawwk79 says:

    Please do a flashlight review, its been ages since u did any.. Niteye EYE40 needs to be reviewed

  18. TheCrushmaster says:

    Alright, thanks! 🙂

  19. goingprepared says:

    I was around Townsend. We used to do shows in Knoxville, but haven’t done any in a few years. We only do a few big shows a year like Blade, USN, etc.

  20. goingprepared says:

    It’s a backlit face, so the whole face glows when you hit the button.

  21. goingprepared says:

    China, I believe.  Suunto is a Finnish company.

  22. goingprepared says:

    I wore the Observer for a while, which is the smallest face watch they make. It’s nice for smaller wrists.