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Something Fishy Is Going On Here…

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  1. Sam Au says:

    what type of fish is the deora 2

  2. outtydad100 says:

    There is a deora ii that is a colour shifters and a glow in the dark one to

  3. racegrooves says:

    Correct. The Deora Color Shifter came out after I made this video.

  4. dubstepmanist says:

    The deora was a color shifter it needed light to change color

  5. racegrooves says:

    Correct. The blue Color Shifter Deora II was released after I made this video. Thanks for watching!

  6. Sam Curnow says:

    Deora ll is a couler shifter

    P•s don’t respond no the one Below

  7. DJJazz15 says:


  8. potatofro3 says:

    well I guess you were right at the time because that is the only color shifters deora ll I know of!

  9. racegrooves says:

    Yes, that was released after I made this video.

  10. potatofro3 says:

    there was a glow in the dark color shifters deora ll

  11. racegrooves says:

    @mohanead Oh yeah! I remember that Deora!

  12. mohanead says:

    I am so entressted of the deorra 2 cause i reamember that they have a octo park theme of him i love that theme Memorises 🙂

  13. arro gunt says:

    Wow you are amazing person….you have a arachnorod colour shifters

  14. racegrooves says:

    Thanks for watching =)

  15. lilina Mako says:

    what deora II Is fish….Hahaha Funny And thanks for video

  16. Jakewsxws says:

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