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Seiko SKXA35 divers watch (review update) 2011

It was all yellow… Better illumination in this video! at 8:25 new camera and tripod! watch in hd Seiko skxa35 automatic divers watch Just wanted to give an…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

SEIKO SPORTURA 2011 SNAE69P1 Enjoy this watch… And enjoy the music… (Angra – Time) N’hésitez pas à me poser vos questions sur cette superbe SEIKO 😉 Cor…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. obsbunch says:

    Great review. Beautiful watch.

  2. CharlieDoan says:

    Why Malaysia?? Should look like this  MADE IN JAPAN…Malaysia made me don’t buy right away!

  3. CharlieDoan says:

    That is a short version of Spanish language , some with French and Japanese too, your case maybe Spanish/English, This kind of watch maybe designed and sell for America continent only! Happen to me already, I called Seiko that why I knew, Seiko guys said the yellow watch, your model and those Orange/Black Skx781/779 also “America model” Monopoly selling?? That ‘s what he told me!

  4. CharlieDoan says:

    Yello face for the beach!
    Orange Monster (SEIKO) for Diving
    Black Monster for Senior, or a “Business man”
    White face for young,free and single
    – Try to collect 12 basic colors and give a NAME (look like your dogs,cats ‘s name)

  5. CharlieDoan says:

    A mechanical watch had spirit “still alive” it gave me a feeling:” It gave me time, and I must use mu motion to make it works!! which are Quartz, Solar….did not give you that feeling about the relationship between you and the watch” a real close relationship can be 20-30-40 years and sometimes I saw people passed to their child …3-4 generations!!
    – An Automatic can’t on time like quartz but 10 sec in 30 days ..EXCELLENT almost like quartz! I am more than happy and proud to own 1. Good 1!

  6. CharlieDoan says:

    1 thing bother me is Made in Malaysia???
    I just don’t want like a strip to Mexico, a guy come to sell a BOLEX only $20.00 (USD) .COPY CAT is automatic look just like the real one but when u look the name Rolex ..Bolex!! Accident I buy 1 but..when I open to see guess what..A Seiko (real 1) 7S26 and 21 Jewels ( I had a little experience about watches)
    – Now, the watch is 4 years and still run (MY ROLEX BOLEX)

    – Nothing, because I am a guy worry to far!! I knew now a day, CHEAP LABOR ??

  7. DiazAlbe4996 says:


    Customer Reviews:

    I am very satisfied with the Seiko SKX009K1. I own a number of automatic watches and find this one keeps good time, about 5-10 seconds off over 30 days. The face is easy to read and even with my aging eyesight the day and date are big enough the read easily. Crystal seems good since I haven’t had …
    For more details please copy the Amazon link above in your browser

  8. privatepinky says:

    make a vid, im sure others would appreciate a review of it. And i think any watch that isnt powered by battery is doing “better” for the environment (they’re still made of metal and plastic and crystal). hehe, i bet all those EPA folk wear battery watches that get the batts replaced every 2 years xD… i think we should go solar/mechanical watches from now on, sooo much cooler anyway ;-P also, kinetics are stellar as well.

  9. Ritesh Bhagwat says:

    I’m loving it to the fullest… don’t like removing it…putting it on day in and day out….Also it is a solar watch doing a bit for the environment too…The yellow Dial of your watch is also appealing and attractive 🙂

  10. privatepinky says:

    I do like that orange as well. I almost went with the SKX007 that was orange but yellow pops a bit more. Well your movement is powered by light IIRC, and mine is mechanical. How are you liking that kind of movement? Its a really cool idea.

  11. Ritesh Bhagwat says:

    Also Thanks for the Dom explanation

  12. Ritesh Bhagwat says:

     Fell in love with SNE109P1 at first sight! 🙂 ..The Orange dial is too good. Tough to say which one is better SKXA35 or SNE109P1 🙂

  13. Kévin MASSY says:

    1 an et demi après, le verre saphire ressemble à quoi ?

  14. DutchClawz says:

    Wow toobad i cant react to people’s comments on my phone but the guy from the fist comment should be ashamed of himself.

  15. theartofluv says:

    it has sapphire glass which is I like. I won’t buy anything that isn’t sapphire glass.

  16. coolmanu55 says:

    cool watch mate….luv it…looks like tag…gonna go for it….just 1 advise mate…can u pls have a look at this and let me know is ya watch good when compared or any comments are appreciated…SNAE69P

  17. Jonathan Sévellec says:

    Pour la mienne, aucune différence sur la poussée des boutons !!!

  18. ngh57 says:

    Salut, aurais-tu remarqué une différence entre les 2 boutons poussoirs? Car sur la mienne, le bouton poussoir me semble moins “net” (un peu plus mou) que le bouton B.
    Have you noticed a different feeling when the push buttons A and B are pressed? On mine, the button A seems softer, whereas the button B clicks better…


  19. Goran Umicević says:

    your talk is cheap, these watches are very nice.

  20. cronus75 says:

    Take a look at my review of new SNAE69P1…

  21. MrStrykka99 says:

    Just bought one 😉 Just love it

  22. Jonathan Sévellec says:

    Seiko is a great brand… The one inventing quartz… Long life with your new watch 😉

  23. mohfuzul12 says:

    nice video..i got the latest seiko watch its beautiful cost me over $500 but worth every penny..i got two seiko watch so far i always weared gucci and michael kors watch but now seiko is one of my favorite

  24. Jonathan Sévellec says:

    SURE ! I am only a poor French man who is fortunate to have several watches, and that is already something…

  25. TheAppleWhispererHD says:

    you are very cheap. the most expensive watch right there cost only 500$ ! what a shame!