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Seiko 5 automatic watch

Seiko 5 automated look at. A simple dress view. Totally produced in Stainless steel. It is a two toned watch. Beautiful dial, hands and hour markers. Hardlex crysta…
Movie Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. SUHRUD says:

    I think it says so on the back not on the dial

  2. Donald Williams says:

    This watch is not water resistant to 100m. If it was ,it would say so on the clock face. Still a nice 100 dollar “beater” watch.

  3. SUHRUD says:

    right now I don’t have the watch with me I have given it to my father. He lives in a different town so as soon as I get that watch I will tell you the number.

  4. David Galvez says:

    Do know the model # number

  5. MonolithMike says:

    Nice watch! I was thinking of picking up this model and your close-ups helped me decide to pull the trigger on it! See reviews by worn and wound for good template for watch reviews

  6. 123321sunsky says:

    Hey, I’m thinking of getting this watch but I think I’d like to change the metal bracelet with a leather strap. What size leather strap do I need, is it 18mm?
    Anyway, great video 🙂

  7. SUHRUD says:

    yes it is

  8. Peter Rim says:

    are you sure it’s a 100m water resistant?

  9. SUHRUD says:

    Guys I hope you like my reviews ..hardly if you can call them that… but it is all for you guys and those who are interested in watches and crazy like me and also for those who are in the market looking to buy a good watch … I hope I shared some knowledge with you to help you make the appropriate choice for your individual needs in a watch as an instrument to keep time or even more…Thanks and keep watching I will be adding more watch reviews as soon as I get hands on them…Thanks again.