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Read a vernier caliper in INCHES, measure a ball bearing

Measurements are demonstrated stage-by-step to the complete selection of the instrument.

The Surface area Temperature Sensor is made for use in situations in which lower thermal mass or adaptability is essential, or for a pores and skin temperature measurement….
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    Nice Video

  2. Cal eightsevenfive says:

    Thanks, awesome video.

  3. apprenticemath says:

    Yes, it is. The math of decimal inches from 0.1-0.01″ is on my dial caliper video. On my micrometer video the range is 0.1-0.0001″. Manufacturers tend to make sliding instruments only accurate to 0.1 units. The dial caliper has gears inside for better accuracy, and micrometers have fine-pitched screw thread mechanisms for even better accuracy. Enjoy discovery.

  4. Jason Wright says:

    You did a good job explaining how to read the 1/128th scale on the caliper. I wish you taugh the 1/1000th scale. Obvioulsy its more accurate than the 1/128th scale.

  5. apprenticemath says:

    Thanks a lot

  6. Bustednuckles says:

    Thank you, very much.
    This was an excellent teaching video.
    Finding one to explain the metric aspect of the vernier caliper is easy, finding one that explains the inch side is quite another story and I would highly recommend this one.