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PUMA Reveals 2010 African Team Kits (and makes a splash)!

What shade do you bleed? Eto’o, Keita, and Mensah bleed PUMA. View as PUMA’s eleven African groups get ready for the 2010 time in their new team kits. For much more i…
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  1. devran gamer says:


  2. David Bogmis says:


  3. TheMillwallDude says:

    its not often you can say today i saw i man covered in white stuff in an advert XD

  4. chaboomzx says:

    Man i want Nigeria to be PUMA

  5. Warrantofficer13 says:

    Thats not true at all! I have the Puma African Unity Kit, Morocco and Iran kits and they are top notch quality, very comfortable and gorgeous looking.

  6. Warrantofficer13 says:

    You nuts? Puma made the best kits of the world cup!!!!!! Not just 2010 but 2006 as well!

  7. Warrantofficer13 says:

    Its a real shame most of those in Africa cant afford jerseys that represent their football teams that are made by Puma, Puma should make a fundraiser so they can make specific jerseys for people in africa or just subsidize the costs so they can buy one.

  8. ThePUREINSANITY1 says:

    cum shot 00:55

  9. Cristian Mejia says:

  10. RaulCasillas08 says:

    keita rules
    greetings from Egypt

  11. Yusuf Mohamed El Askary says:

    and Egypt won..

  12. JOE Nat says:

    yeah it is tight you can see the chest muscles

  13. JOE Nat says:

    fucktard can you play football racist wasteman

  14. eastpak2g6 says:

    ur an asshole lool

  15. zakfoot4 says:

    best teams in africa:
    nigeria, egypt, senegal, morocco, algeria, cote d ivoire, ghana, cameroon…
    nigeria, senegal and morocco have good players but they dont find a team….but i saw morocco playing they played well and maybe they will go to the w cup in few years….

  16. yildiz46 says:

    KEITAAA the best

  17. crazydays79 says:

    Fantastic Samuel Eto’o… internazionale milano..!!!

  18. AkiBree1995 says:


  19. Dreyfus03 says:


  20. littlecatholicman says:

    A Panther itself is not a specific species rather it’s used collectively for the Panthera genus, So yes a Melanistic (black) Leopard is possible here, it may however also be a melanistic Jaguar. A black panther is either of these.

  21. Stefano Puma says:

    Well, that’s not me, I swear

  22. Tony Ciroussel says:

    The song is Automania Grooving from the album Royalty Free Music Collection Vol1

  23. Martins Ituah says:

    well now u are that guy…

  24. Tony Ciroussel says:

    Automania grooving
    from Royalty Free Music Collection, Vol. 1

  25. Ryan M. says:

    Actually, it could be a puma, there have been cases of pure black mountain lions. They are called melanistic cougars, and judging by the size it might be a puma. I’ve worked with them up close and, if its full grown, it could be a puma.

  26. rafael yaramis says:

    c’est bien

  27. Matthew Christensen says:

    I don’t know where this is…. but I want to chillen’ with a puma and a tiger

  28. andrasiboti says:

    Do what? Write correctly? I don’t think so. 🙂

  29. jack skuxx says:

    I can do that hold my beer

  30. shinobiBUNK says:

    my thoughts exactly

  31. Fracube says:

    Отличный робот!

  32. Miroslav Polák says:

    very nice video……..

  33. andy g says:

    Who said big cats cant jump?…no one says that.

  34. VengerNoFear says:

    That’s no Puma…that’s a space station! 

  35. VengerNoFear says:

    It’s not a PU-MAH! *Schwarzenegger voice*

  36. Max Durden says:

    “Bitch, gimme my puppy back ! And my bones too !”

  37. MrMonkeyDeamond says:

    erm did you own a puma?

  38. Alex Tai says:

    whats the song title ?

  39. eRussell3 says:

    im buying a fucking puma now

  40. agusrot says:

    Its amazaing how in the last second he rotate his body and land the jump perfectly!.

  41. Empery x says:

    I think the puma will be missing soon if they dont make higher fances