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PS4 o’clock – online features & background tech

PS4 o’clock – online features & track record tech View much more PS4 o’clock here for the most recent PS4 data:…
Video clip Score: 4 / 5

Label: Hive Audio ( Launch Day – 2012-12-twelve Album “Awakenings EP” accessible on: (…
Video Score: 4 / five

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  1. TheBatmanBoi says:

    They use the same network. So you chose use an existing account

  2. TheBatmanBoi says:

    They use the same network. So you chose use an existing account

  3. mdweniger says:

    Nope only for multiplayer

  4. mdweniger says:

    Nope only for multiplayer

  5. mdweniger says:

    Well your in luck it has been leaked!

  6. mdweniger says:

    Well your in luck it has been leaked!

  7. Theswiftdude says:

    Caretaker chip is the best name for sleep mode from now on im calling sleep mode caretaker mode from now on lol

  8. iCrYptiiCz says:

    I hope sony allow us to change our names like microsoft do as i hate making new accounts all the time on ps3

  9. bobbyw223 says:

    i think dc universe can

  10. HitTheBass100 says:

    and you can choose who see’s your personal information

  11. Sule bereaux says:

    Will ps4 be able to play against pa3 on online ?

  12. Tsering Penpa says:

    @ufvdsyh for sure dude you hit the nail on the head there and dude! if your bored check this good time waster! =>

  13. romoburro says:

    2013 agosto 6 rip gato

  14. Joel Jandle says:

    Ps4* lol

  15. Joel Jandle says:

    The guy playing the Ps3 literally has no life, he lives in a shack..

  16. Jesus De La Cerda says:

    I want the ps4 all ready!!!

  17. Runslik3Wind says:

    no i dont wanna join your faggoty ass clan

  18. OGTrip2 says:

    He copy cvg wit ps4 o’clock cvg also has gta 5 o’clock

  19. varnageT says:

    yes. yes they will

  20. Raman deep says:

    @scpdmli yeah yeah we all know that! ALSO! check it this game one of the better online ones ive seen in a while >>

  21. jakstrieder says:

    if that’s so then we should have a choice of it and what kind of hard drive dose it have and what size is it?

  22. Vastrev says:

    One of the best for you

  23. gamomanestourkon says:

    μαγικός ρυθμός,απλά απίστευτο…

  24. Meinhard Henning says:

    awsome sounding sound !!!
    ingeniously and awsome work !!!
    fits great, simply fantastic !!!

  25. Adri Al says:

    Damn right

  26. Love Beat says:

    Love this track, sexy! Opener for my sets. LoveBeat Muse on Facebook

  27. NuRi247 says:

    One of the best tracks, purely pure!

  28. Delivery Memory says:

    This music make me positive, thanks!!!!!! 

  29. TheMssuziewong says:

    my loooooooooooveeeeeeeee……no words….

  30. Michos Nikolaos says:

    just perfect

  31. Blondie6578ify says:

    Loooove it!

  32. Mskaterinapapa says:


  33. Arbi Issaoui says:

    me too 🙂

  34. MrSoundAmigo says:








    nice!check out my channel if you love house

  35. Nesh Online says:

    BIG !!!

  36. Octavio Fernandez says:

    super viaje!!!! the best fly away ever !!!

  37. Efakiiii03 says:

    Veeeery nice song but I cannot understand the lyrics and I cannot find them :(

  38. Kiss János says:


  39. 23imo23 says:

    If I’d been any chiller right now, I would have been the couch

  40. ginnungagap3 says:

    nice guitar line

  41. Lotus blüte says:

    nice, really nice ….