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Far more information/pics of this look at at: page=solution_data&cPath=2&goods_id=552 Officine Panerai Luminor Submersible Wat…

Evaluation of a Chinese homage to the Panerai Luminor sold by Manbushijie.
Online video Score: five / 5

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  1. KeepTheTime says:

    Yes, this is a genuine watch. All of the watches on our channel are 100% authentic. Thanks for asking =)

  2. Sub mariner says:

    Is it genuine?

  3. Lee Chee Phin says:

    How much?

  4. alicia natasha says:

    Bapaw i miss you !!!

  5. KeepTheTime says:

    But ours definitely sot the least!

  6. KeepTheTime says:

    No idea why it sot what it does.

  7. rx7sign says:

    Damn sexy but so expensive

  8. IdontneedanIpod says:

    I think it was cost.

  9. FTAHindependent says:

    Damn, got me XD

  10. Catnip Mcgee says:

    i would buy this watch if it didnt sot so much

  11. KeepTheTime says:


  12. Jonathan Nazari says:

    Why does this watch sot so much?

  13. dainese01 says:

    Ah nooo.
    I think a few of the sellers also sell spares – so get a crown, and guard and then get them fitted locally. To make use of the postage, perhaps order another style? Or has this left you hesitant?

  14. vasu230 says:

    unfortunate update: after about 4 months of owning the watch, the crown protector piece suddenly fell off. It looked fine without it so I didn’t bother screwing it back in. But then a couple months later, the crown caught on a corner and broke off. So now, a non-functioning beautiful watch.

  15. wattsfamilytab says:

    Got a manbushijie 1950 47mm , and I love the watch. Quality is amazing for the money. It gets more wrist time than my omega.

  16. Master4999 says:


  17. vasu230 says:

    yes, reputable. The Watchuseek forum has a good page on panerai homages, if you google that there are several suggestions there

  18. BlayzedBlue says:

    I might buy their 1950 “Fiddy” GMT watch. For around $100, these watches can’t be beat. I also love their California dial models.

  19. treehouse1441 says:

    So manbushijie is reputable? I’m looking for panerai replicas with or without a logo. Do you know of any other places that are legit and aren’t scams? Thanks!

  20. surrealsm123 says:

    wow you have an amazing way of illustrating the memorable elements of design.. Manbushijie would be proud!!