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North Dakota Caucus STOLEN from Ron Paul?

An inside of appear into the North Dakota Caucus exhibits Ron Paul with a Huge guide. This ought to be his very first formal acquire, even though he is possibly #1 or #2 in ACTU…
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  1. bertoxx11 says:

    what about in 1910(ish) teddy roosevelt as a Bull Moose

  2. Liarfest says:

    You are correct! I have done videos on this topic in the past and I am now working on a new video in the hopes of uniting people in a grass roots movement to hold these liars feet to the fire over their corrupt actions. People cannot be this stupid! Anyhow, here is a link to a video I did a few days ago.

  3. Avarummage says:


  4. waynetothechain says:

    Please check out my US BS playlist and send any relevant data about corruption in the United States. I’m just building a compilation of news sources and reference material. Politics, foreign influence, debt, immigration, prohibition/crime(Cartels) it’s pretty bad people. I want everyone (especially the sheeple) to be able to “hear it straight from the horses mouth”. So I accept any useful articles/referrals!

  5. Maxillius says:

    Lincoln, 1860. At that time, the popular parties were Democrat and Whig. But you’re right, going third party is a long shot.

  6. kiki b says:

    RON PAUL is 2nd mayb 1st. RP compaign strategy is alive and winning most delegates while others win the rigged beauty contests (altho RP won Virgin Island but media reported Romney winner) can RP attract thousands @ his rallys and only couple hundreds reported votes make no sense numbers doesn’t match so its obvious voters fraud but ofcourse media always endup contraditing themself over again trying to coverup their “honest mistakes”..RP will be president in 2012 the REVOLUTION as begun

  7. PistolPackingPatriot says:

    Silly people, apparently you haven’t heard of the “New Math.”  Here’s how to count using New Math:
    “…72, 73, 74, 75, 2.”
    2 is the last logical number in this (or any) numerical sequence. Duh!

  8. Jonathan Mollet says:

    There was no fraud going on in Fargo. We had Ron Paul supporters counting in all districts, and the one vote which they do show was very misleading. Lots of Ron Paul supporters came in from around the state to see him speak and so there votes were included in the at large category. Santorum, Romney and Gingrich supporters stayed back and voted in their home districts.
    Ron Paul won out of the votes cast in Fargo with 957 to Santorum’s 933, however the more rural areas brought him down.

  9. yoursatisfactionable says:

    Who said Ron Paul will not win?? If you are Ron Paul supporter, you should never say or even think like this. Work for Ron Paul harder, and he with your and other supporters help Mr Paul will win. Do not discourage people who support Ron Paul!! Do not think like a Loser, ore you will be a Loser. Never discourage others by your doubts. Work Harder. RON PAUL 2012

  10. Chauncy Gardener says:

    If they cheat, 20 years minimum in a maximum security prison.

  11. moresnare says:

    @MrRicky2364 That’s exactly what our corrupt government wants us to believe about Putin. They were unsuccessful at overthrowing Putin, which is what our government was trying to do. Putin is not going to play ball like the U.S. wants him to. And I say good for him! More and more countries are getting tired of the arrogance displayed by our government. They’re going to start pushing back, and I say more power to them… Have a nice day! : )

  12. cedoman1 says:

    Not about dreaming dude!

    I am a die hard Ron Paul Supporter. I’d give my own life for this man, but its all about the MESSAGE now. Of course he will not win- especially with this GOP fraud crap going on.
    It’s about being smart now. I’d rather him run third party to steal votes away from the Republicans and create such an uproar that we are forced into a REVOLUTION! Which will happen, and Ron Paul will forever be known as the fore-father of this Revolution! The System is diseased.

  13. MrRicky2364 says:

    Who was the last successful third party candidate??????????? You’re dreaming dude!

  14. MrRicky2364 says:

    “But! But! But! Look at that dirty communist Putin who won by election fraud. We are America! We have no fraud here!”

  15. loveunderlaw says:

    They are PAWNS of the Federal Reserve cartel, AKA muppets against the Middle-Class, & poor of the World!

  16. kylescotternest says:


  17. TheMDBJJ says:

    @OnTheLambda as long as we remain in contact. what type of pet would i be? im thinking an exotic bird, or no wait a pot bellied pig. i also would only eat organic pet food, and i would need a regimented workout schedule as well as a pretty steady vet checkup routine. my name should be masculine as well.send me back a message so we can start contacting each other directly,is email ok to start?