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Marlow on Style: A Pilgrimage to the Patek Philippe Museum

In the newest episode of “Marlow on Style,” Tim Marlow spends good quality time with Sotheby’s John Reardon at the Patek Philippe Museum, checking out the brand that…
Video clip Score: / five

Suggestions to all my Observe Accumulating Fans – Patek Philippe is the only Tremendous Manufacturer.

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  1. KenChiwo says:

    my mom is quite successful and she tells me you don’t fkn need a luxury watch, car, belt, etc. As long as you have a dam load of MONEY in your bank and no DEBT, and mortgage you can tell your boss or employees to fk off.

  2. KenChiwo says:

    doesn’t sound like he is joking.

  3. Greg D says:

    Can’t you people see Archie is joking here? All this pop psychology and you’ve missed the whole point!

  4. atl3630 says:

    A Lange & Sohne. Better than Patak in quality and design. That is all.

  5. oclvcarbon123 says:


  6. kaunas888 says:

    The man is delusional. He actually believes that his overpriced watch is magical and can take away the pain and make him whole again.

    By the way I have always found the Patek Nautilus to be an ugly watch, like trying to be cool and modern in the 1970s. See even the great Patek can make mistakes. It is mortal.

    I think that all of his ranting is actually turning people off to Patek. He sounds like the typical insecure, snobbish, new rich, vulgar buyer, who is bedazzled by the price.

  7. kaunas888 says:

    It sounds like Archie is desperately trying to rationalize his purchase of a massively overpriced Patek watch, about which he now knows he overpaid. So he is trying to justify his purchase, and make himself feel better by stating that everything that is not a Patek is a POS, but he gives no substantive reasons why. Apparently having an overpriced shiny object on his wrist makes him feel whole.

  8. kaunas888 says:

    Archie has strong opinions but tends not to do a good job of detailing why he has such strong opinions. He is inarticulate, but entertaining in a slow motion train wreck kind of way. He seems to mostly like brands because they cost a lot, and have higher snob value. I think the man is insecure.

  9. oclvcarbon123 says:

    You only like a Patek because it says Patek on it, but you never talk about the technical aspects or their aesthetics

  10. oclvcarbon123 says:

    You’re a little too brand oriented

  11. dougk5 says:

    the guy cant talk without using the f word. what class

  12. engravermarb says:

    First of al Archie if you don’t want compared with this “walmarkt” people watch your language.. Because for the moment you really sounds like a “turkey with a tie”

  13. JamesIdentity says:

    i will buy a Patek Philippe!!!

  14. Greg D says:

    @provonono – hope you get a Patek one day, you deserve it man!

  15. provonono says:

    10K for me might as well be 100K. I simply cannot afford a Patek, being physically disabled as I am. I do own some nice Rail Road pocket watches.

    Archie, I’m a former SF Green Beret Staff Sergeant …you’re obviously rich (and I realize, are being satirical). 🙂 That makes us even-Steven. 😉 I’ll arm wrestle you for a used, 10K, 9109 Patek Phillipe. Do we have a deal? 🙂
    Beautiful watches, those Pateks. I do wish I owned one.

  16. Greg D says:

    stephon: hint…there’s a comedy/satire element to Archie’s channel, this video is one of those times 😉

  17. stephon norbury says:

    Hello Archie,
    Did you not receive any love as a child?? ( It,s all a bit sad really!!!)
    A knob head is a knob head,regardless of what kettle you have on your wrist!!! ( Think about it?).

  18. Greg D says:

    Patek is sublime, Archie knows about luxury.

  19. Mustapha Sabli says:

    Actually Archie, instead of ranting on the f words, ur channel will catch more fans and view if you point out why the PP stands the most out of the holy grail such as rhodium plate and also the continuance of horology since the 17th century. People who have a A Alange & Sohne and even the rarest piece of Kari Voutilainen , will doubt ur review.

  20. Mustapha Sabli says:

    alright, that’s it. Im wearing a Maurice Lacroix and Seiko, but after seeing what this guy say, PP is a must have. Im selling my house! f! lol.

  21. MrMattissmexy says:

    If I was a millionaire I probably still wouldn’t buy a Patek Philippe.