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LEGO Palace Cinema Teaser from Brick Fair AL 2013

Teaser movie for the LEGO Palace Cinema that was formally introduced at Brick Honest 2013 in Birmingham, Alabama. Formal Launch — 10232 Palace Cinema, two,19…

Observe the outstanding Lego planet shot for shot remake of Ed Sheeran’s first “Lego Home” online video showcasing actor Rupert Grint. Listen to ‘+’ on Spotify — sm…

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  1. MrTyco777 says:

    THAT’S like one of the best ones YE

  2. Simar Johar says:

    That looks epic

  3. kieran bourke says:

    i love your show

  4. Hege Kristiansen says:

    Lekestallen .no has all the exclusive sets and many of the of the normal sets

  5. Christopher Sokolis says:

    I have 600 dollars waiting until I go to America

  6. Christopher Sokolis says:

    I am getting this set in January on the 15

  7. landfam2012 says:

    How do you make a lego chair like the one people sit to watch the movie.

  8. cian o says:

    Whe I was at the lego star at the mall the red floor was glowing

  9. pvrabec says:

    Got this today,let the build begin!

  10. cole jhon says:

    indiana jones 3 2 1 cablum

  11. hkis200068 says:

    is this a limited edition set

  12. vickievette100 says:

    Expensive but cool

  13. Ethan Yu says:

    Love the Palace Cinema teaser!!!!!!!!
    Wish Brick Show would do more of the expert set teasers.

  14. xephos lucashoneydew says:

    I will

  15. SnipingWolf84 says:

    This is an awesome set that I’m looking forward to get

  16. ben11k says:

    I built the set a week ago

  17. CarolineAndGuitar says:

    Is it bad Im crushing on Lego Ed along with real Ed?

  18. LukeDoesGaming58 says:

    Was the guy who played the sad guy having a mental breakdown according to the song?

  19. majusitshu says:

    I’ve looked at some of the posts. I believe that that is a sensible video clip. My younger brother wants to get excellent with sexy ladies. He studied a shit load from a website called Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The help concerned with seducing chicks at nightclubs from Master Attraction got him his very first lays in 3 years. I have been pissed though because I heard them all.

  20. Wrightbricks says:

    Dylan Woodley, you god.

  21. GingerLove73 says:

    Hogwarts does exist. :’)

  22. Kay Hilliard says:

    He looks JUST like the guy who plays Ron!!!’

  23. bobsaysftw says:

    It IS the guy who does Ron. It’s Rupert Grint!

  24. TheBrickManShow123 says:

    of coures its like ron


  25. TheBrickManShow123 says:

    of coures its like ron

  26. Rodrigo Salazar says:

    cool vid 😀
    lmfao on convo coments ontop of us harry & ron -.-

  27. karolanecloutier29 says:

    it’s not ed

  28. Savannah SavXx says:


  29. ButterBuddiesFTW says:

    Maybe it’s not

  30. ButterBuddiesFTW says:

    That looks like the guy that does Ron Weasly but of corse it’s ed

  31. justsmilechildren says:

    if ed hasnt seen this i might cry

  32. Amy Tomlin says:

    Ron Weasley can sing!Amazing.