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La vie en rose – Louis Armstrong

LYRICS Keep me shut and hold me rapidly The magic spell you forged This is la vie en rose When you kiss me heaven sighs And tho I close my eyes I see la vie en r…

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  1. Octavian Patru says:

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  2. Martha Sagasti says:

    Te amo! <3

  3. Nella Crosiglia says:

    for all…

  4. SolidBlues9 says:

    this song has been everywhere but not a lot of people know it.. it’s really weird!

  5. val M. says:

    it from wallee 🙂

  6. val M. says:

    i brought myself here XD and im glad i did 🙂

  7. kouji Sugimoto says:

    this voice&this pet. it ! Armstrong.

  8. Meghalet Nesreddine says:

    Tom & Jerry

  9. lanordiiste says:

    This is La Vie En Rose !!

  10. TheCiddie says:

    NO! this is not

  11. OfficialFordy says:


  12. GinaMarie Lee says:

    Isn’t this the song from the movie Up?

  13. ss2k10 says:

    The King at work !!

  14. Sahra Polat says:

    definitely my favourite song…

  15. Idelvan Adelino says:

    O eterno Trompete, amo !

  16. Corporacion AMJ CA says:

    Melodía maravillosa, exquisita…

  17. Fatimazahra Elkhallady says:

    love the accent: je vois la vie en roooooooooooooose, wonderfull

  18. Yefta Tauran says:

    this song is so short
    but full of meanings

  19. Yefta Tauran says:

    You dont say XD

  20. betzabe hidalgo arenas says:

    me hace sentir muy feliz

  21. monococoful says: