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Jack Heuer of Tag Heuer on the Carrera Limited Edition Watch made for his 80th Birthday

See more @ For 2012 Tag Heuer has made a limited version model of their famous Carrera view in honor of Jack Heuer’s eightieth …

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  1. hlbrem says:

    god, this old man is self-love….who buys this crap???

  2. jjlwis says:

    lolz i would do the same thing if i had a watch company. I would want my own freaking watch! haha Awesome!

  3. 23macca23 says:

    Nice interview. I love the watch.

  4. rodolfo arce says:

    Crappy watch with eta movement tag heuer sucks buy real watch: Rolex or a Patek!!

  5. jjlwis says:

    wow, very nice and classy watch! way to go Jack!

  6. saenzequinox says:

    This guy is full of himself. A watch made for himself…

  7. lemonjellies says:

    I hope I look like him when I’m 80.

  8. ilsan7 says:

    That is a piece of beauty

  9. rx7sign says:

    I’m just not sold, why not add a lower price tag so your consumer can enjoy a tag that’s in commemoration of you Jack! I still think the stainless steel aqua or even standard Carrera Is a better buy

  10. bobsuruncle789 says:

    I like it but not sure why it needs to be limited edition. This should be a regular Carrera instead with 2 dials instead of 3.