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IWC Portuguese Ratrapante Chronograph

Purchase this view at page=item_info&cPath=2&products_id=290 IWC Portugieser Rattrapante break up-next chronograph wa…

Watches are the single most essential assertion a gentleman can make about his personalized type. Some are made for motion and performance, some are designed as r…
Online video Ranking: four / five

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  1. John Smith says:

    This or the Zenith 36k VPH…

  2. Victor Curci says:

    Salve parla italiano?

  3. rhikelah chigano says:


  4. KeepTheTime says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  5. Diamond Geezer says:

    Best camera work on YT. Plus superb watches from this guy too. Man that’s what its all about.

  6. KeepTheTime says:

    The old retail is $19,000. It’s limited and discontinued, and that’s an old retail price… so it can’t really be used to determine a current value.

  7. ToothyGus says:

    how much does one cost?

  8. orbits2 says:

    butiful gorges magnificant.

  9. 61kingsize says:

    i love it

  10. KeepTheTime says:

    Thank you very much!

  11. TheFrancisLalanne says:

    Great camera work

  12. Takahiko KONDO says:

    I like this uploader because he keeps silent in every movie. It’s not about this vid but why the hell some of the americans slur when they appear on the web, I really hate the way they speak.
    And it’s very nice watch. Thx for uploading.

  13. Watch Mun says:

    Lack of identity for most of their watches with the exception of their iconic portuguese.

  14. Watch Mun says:

    Overpriced ETA machines.

  15. Michael Avery says:

    I like IWC watches, but they’re out of my price range

  16. 布布 杨 says:

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