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Interview of Mr Raymond Weil

A search back at 35 a long time of Mr Raymond Weil’s enthusiasm for watchmaking.

Xupes price tag: £1995.00 RRP: £3495.00 Saving: £1500.00 Motion: Computerized Situation: Stainless Metal/Carbon Fibre Diameter: 46mm Dial: Black/Grey Bracelet: Stai…

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  1. Filip Meger says:

    you are a genius i hope you live for ever ! 🙂

  2. phrenzy1 says:

    In short I wanted to say thank you to msr.weil and everyone who had a hand in making the don giovanni Cosi grande, you designed a truly beautiful set of watches. In a small way you helped drive my ambition to better myself and become something more than I am. One day when I find a job that takes me to Europe I fully intend to visit your factory and take my watches home for a visit.

  3. phrenzy1 says:

    Of course that hasn’t dulled my ambitions. I’m doing international studies and history at university and I’m constantly wondering what time it is at different points of the globe and so I’m eyeing the dual timezone gmt don Giovanni…a beautiful watch with practical benefits I would be proud to wear when I enter the diplomatic corps.

  4. atama23 says:

    This is a bad ass watch. Im buying one soon 🙂