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Instant Trailer Review – The Lego Movie Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2013) – Will Ferrell Movie HD

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  1. TheTroopersShow says:

    two things, bale has been batman for five years and a lot of us have had too much of him. Also, YOU’RE NOT THAT GODDAMN COOL YOU SUCK just sayin’…

  2. allwearetheonce says:

    07:36 Lincon In The Top

  3. ShockTrooperstudios says:

    What are they talking about these are real Legos not cgi

  4. William Arroyo says:

    Shut. Up. Bitches

  5. luke joblin says:

    it would be even more amazing if they just shut up

  6. Mike Lombard says:

    I can’t believe it took them this long to decide to make a lego movie

  7. kai williams says:


  8. CrocStudios says:

    I’m dreaming of a full length, professionally made brickfilm. I’d love to see real LEGOs on the silver screen!

  9. DrAwesome209 says:

    its amazing how they make fun lego video games and their biggest project is a movie

  10. Michael Henderson says:

    I’m a huge fan of LEGO like i’m going to die still believing it

  11. PuppetWarrior says:

    The movie looks great! I’m very excited to see it. As an avid LEGO fan myself, I feel they’re going to do justice to the brand.

  12. cut2000trees says:

    This Is definitely stop-motion! There are tricks to make the arm move sideways!

  13. legobuilder331 says:

    Well it was off my radar and now I want a Mini-figure of Emment 😀

  14. Liam Rorer says:

    it would be even MORE amazing if YOU played YOU in the movie!

  15. Samuel Swigart says:

    If you look at superman during the mermaid scene he looks like the man of steel version

  16. TheBlueChipper91 says:

    These muppets just don’t shut up.

  17. John Turcios says:


  18. nbagel713 says:

    The name of Morgan Freeman’s character is Vitruvius

  19. Logan Shanny says:

    The Lego Movie has a surprisingly good cast

  20. Logan Shanny says:

    Who says “hip”

  21. Rupesh Roy says:

    You are right joshuamatthewbenson, they should have shut up and just run the trailer

  22. william shore says:

    04:20 in the back ground there is a panda minifig and at 07:50 far left green lantern hal jordan