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How I assemble a pocket watch, Hamilton 910, Part 2 of 2

Following oiling it I set the position of the hairspring. Soon after I was done placing it jointly I experienced to get out the escape wheel and flatten it with the help …
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Edward Snowden did not truly function for the NSA, he worked for a contractor called Booz Allen Hamilton. How did it come to be that Snowden, doing work for a pri…
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  1. bunnspecial says:

    I am not an expert but I would think you would have to use a balance asembly from another 16 size Hamilton. 18 size is to big and 12 size or less is to small. Some things to watch out for are double roller, hairspring stud and pivot size. Those have to match your watch. I don’t have a spare assembly but I do have a 992 and some other 16 size Hamiltons (972 and 974). I will try and see if any of those other balance assemblies will fit in a 992. I don’t think a 992B balance will work.

  2. Lloyd Hern says:

    I have my Hamilton 992 that needs a balance assembly…all I have is the balance cock.the watch is extremely clean and the mainspring is good.All I need is the balance stuff.My question is how critical is the balance assembly on a Hamilton 16 size? can I not use the balance from say a 910 or a 974 etc.?? I assume that if you use anything other than the correct one,it would not pass railroad standards.but I dont care about that,I just want to get it working. do you have one you can sell me?

  3. jimmas2009 says:

    Sometimes you have to talk dirty to the watch!! 😉

  4. hildibildibaldi says:

    Happy ending, then. Another great video. Nice looking piece of kit. Thankyou.

  5. Thomas Cherry says:

    Very helpful, I think maybe one day I’ll try to do a repair on my own because of this.

  6. Terri Rodriguez says:

    Just to be fair, please tell me about all the contractors and there rotation
    between the Intelligence community and these companies:
    NARUS (Boeing)
    Northrop Grumman
    CACI International
    Palantir Technologies
    This was all discussed in an article in Salon, ‘Meet the contractors analyzing your private data”, BY Tim Shorrock

  7. nineteenfourtytwo Transient says:

    I think there might be a conflict of interest…….hmmm, nah! Like the late and great George Carlin said, “It’s a big club, and you aren’t in it!”

  8. Karen Sullivan says:

    Use this method to end end corporate personhood and publicly finance all elections in our country. We have to stop letting multi-national corporations buy our politicians. Get the money out. has all the needed info.

  9. Karen Sullivan says:

    This is the exact same thing that is going on with the FDA and Monsanto which is why we are all be poisoned on a daily basis by Genetically Modified foods covered in Roundup. It’s why these products are not banned in this country and why we don’t have proper labeling. The FDA does nothing to protect us (their job) because Monsanto owns them.

  10. Karen Sullivan says:

    Voting them out won’t help. Side step “our do nothing” Congress. Go to your State legislators and ask them to look at Article V of the Constitution. It offers (2) methods to amend the Constituion. The first is the only one used to date. The Second, is a Convention called for this purpose by two-thirds of the state legislatures, if the Convention’s proposed amendment is ratified by three-fourths of the state legislatures then the amendment passes.

  11. aaron burling says:

    Shot on site huh? Wow, what an idiotic Conservative thing to say. Only the narrow scope of conservatism/religiosity could lead you to that brilliant position. Do you seriously not see the conflict of interest in someone who has a financial interest in the spreading of fear and promoting of war being the head of those departments? No, not the “hotel and gaming industry” but certainly not someone who worked for and owns stock in the companies those departments hire. That’s just ludicrous.

  12. John Palladino says:

    the voting machines are even rigged

  13. sep0507 says:

    Yes, but America, supposedly the greatest nation on earth, shouldn’t be saddled with the problems we have. And every one of those problems were created by politicians.

  14. Mr10inchgrinch says:

    Video is connecting dots over lines they we already know. A. OF COURSE you are going to work and get hired for positions you have experience in the private sector after government service in that specialty. B. It does NOT matter whom he worked for, if you are granted specific security access to government documents, sign some sort of NDA and then violate what you’ve agreed to, what does that make you then? C. The info he released isn’t new to anyone, just more of a confirmation of it.

  15. edhalfdead says:

    We should do like Iceland, kick them the fcuk out & stuff the dept up their asses on the way.

  16. schackmountain says:

    at least aou are facepalming for your own stupid comment

  17. delbert3302 says:


  18. Randy Randerson says:

    Yes, I have noticed fewer birds striking my windows due to them hitting government cameras where my windows used to be. Do you not feel comfortable sharing more because you may incriminate yourself, such that government agents will later use your actions against you to blackmail or damage you?

  19. Nick Gray says:

    you realize that there is no stopping top secret spying and other programs right? you can sit here and act like a little keyboard warrior but the government can do whatever the fuck it wants to get terrorists. would you rather have your emails read, or have a leg blown off in a bombing. and don’t bring up the boston bombing as evidence this program didn’t work because the terrorists involved did not use electronics to communicate the attack or plans of the attack.

  20. Nick Gray says:

    see above ^ for the rest. I’m sorry but I’m really not comfortable giving out anymore information to justify myself. i also don’t feel comfortable explaining how i came about this information. I don’t really blame anyone for this because you can’t get all of the information about these things. the government obviously isn’t going to reveal everything they’re doing, that’s the point of top secret programs. you would never know about 90% of the things that get stopped right outside your window.