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Holiday 2011 Gift Ideas for Women!

EXPAND THIS BOX FOR MORE INFO**** Holiday gift ideas for the women in your life this season! ­čÖé OTHER PLACES TO FIND ME: -Vlog channel: http://www.youtub…
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  1. BeautyBenefitsTV says:

    I’ve just placed´╗┐ an order on Michael Kors website for this watch. I absolutely loved it!! I’m sooo exited. Yey!! =)

  2. Christine Sure says:

    I feel that Lush it totally´╗┐ over priced, the a lot of the scents usually smell funky as well

  3. JubilifeTvPokeXperto says:

    i have no idea what to buy my mom cas i asked´╗┐ her to pick out something and she did but i want to surprise here with something

  4. phokun says:

    Some really nice, varied ideas here. As a guy it can be hard thinking of things to get the girls´╗┐ and I live with 3 of them so thanks for the video!

  5. inners17 says:

    omg i want those´╗┐ gloves!

  6. 1hostess says:

    great tips, thank´╗┐ you

  7. TheWhiteCookie says:

    try getting google to say the name of the wine in french´╗┐ and you will know how to say it ­čśŤ

  8. perennialhighstyle says:

    thanks so much! these are great´╗┐ ideas!!!

  9. grace hall says:

    i love you! your such an amazing guru ­čÖé so down´╗┐ to earth!

  10. chialing90 says:

    even your least expensive gifts are´╗┐ so nice that i would still be so happy to receive!!!

  11. sk6ers14 says:

    Your´╗┐ hair looks really good!

  12. Rachel Kappius says:

    That rose gold watch is gorgeous! I really want one for´╗┐ Christmas!

  13. toysoldierivana says:

    Chelsea Handler ! <3 i LOVE are you´╗┐ there vodka, its me chelsea . its the funniest one i think. great ideas (:

  14. calichica11 says:

    You should make a video on your face makeup routine! Id love to see what you do and I to have freckles and was wondering how you applied´╗┐ your makeup so you have a clear face but your freckles still shine through?

  15. Suzan Limbu says:

    Wow…are all those yours entirely or you’re planning to give them away´╗┐ as a gift hehe….awesome..I am in love with the watches suggestions…

  16. Brittney Palencia says:

    Gift guide for men?´╗┐

  17. Chuen Keith says:

    You look so´╗┐ genuinely happy in this video~ I guess your very proud of your choices~ LOL

  18. Julie Burns says:

    Thanks so´╗┐ much ­čśÇ

  19. rissaluvyew says:

    your amazing´╗┐

  20. rissaluvyew says:

    your amazing´╗┐

  21. Reemaleo says:

    Amazing ideas.U´╗┐ r great!