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Guess I am a Food Storage Terrorist–please watch and share

Just a small video clip about my emotions on getting foodstuff storage and providing for my family. Do a online video response and demonstrate your meals they can’t get us all. Sta…
Movie Rating: four / 5

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  1. inkey2 says:

    oh totally….if you hate ham……spam is not for you

  2. dynodish says:

    I hate ham too. I don’t even like it in beans. It messes up my good bean soup. I hate stinky pigs though, so I support you eating my share.

  3. animalhouse2012 says:

    love all your info please keep up the great job. p.s. Buyer BEWARE I just received my very large order today 8-5-13 from HONEYVILLE. The label on each box listed my name & address along with a hand written in BIG RED LETTERS every item that was in each box for the world to see. Talked with two different people and received NO satisfaction from this company.

  4. inkey2 says:

    have you ever actually tried “spam”? The spam “light” is pretty good. If you eat ham……..Spam isn’t so different. Also Spam has a long shelf life

  5. dynodish says:

    Yep, store what YOU eat. Fuck what other people say. I’d never store Spam, I’d rather die than eat that, but, I store sugary drink mixes because I like them. People are full of shit and think they know everything. When the S does hit the H, they’ll just cry and starve because all they did was watch You Tube vids.

  6. GaryMule says:

    I know. I used to live in an apartment so I know how it can be tough.  Try to find ways, under beds, closets, it can be done.

  7. Derek L says:

    You have 1 thing I don’t……a butt load of room!

  8. GaryMule says:

    Never said that in the video. He along with the congress passed the NDAA, and other bills along with different Depts in the Government that state that people who have more then x number of day of food could be terrorists. That is a fact jack.

  9. Sean Stout says:

    Just wondering how Obama is trying to take your food from you….?

  10. flarf Lahr says:

    where can I get a princess bat

  11. Bobby C. says:

    Food for thought….Can yer meat….Beef, Pork, Chicken etc.
    SPAM… 1 or 2 yrs. Pressure caned meat up to 8 yrs.
    Pts…two people.  Qts….3 to 4 people.
    Simper Fideles.

  12. Brainiac02905 says:

    mmm u terror man.. yummy terrror… mmmmm good terror, delish

  13. tomlynn tigard says:

    Remember board games that the family enjoys. Good to know guys like you will survive.

  14. Oliver Delong says:

    Lol — yes these are rifles — and yes I have them…

  15. Oliver Delong says:

    Ayeee The TERROR!!! Thats why your speech is slurred its all the evfil food storing terror!!

  16. GaryMule says:

    Considering your training you might enjoy my EMS Adventures series.

  17. GaryMule says:

    Wow thanks. Glad to have you

  18. ernursemom says:

    Just found your channel.
    Great preps.
    God bless America!

  19. GaryMule says:

    Just look at Boston while the were looking for the guy they went into peoples homes without warrants, stuck guns in their faces. Instead of getting pissed these people praised the police. The founders would never recognize this Country.

  20. ceojr1963 says:

    The problem is, this is our country. Letting them take it is the issue. People will fail to notice the police state till it is to late, knowing that things are changing, gives you time to think about what you need to do to be here after the changes. During the 30’s people went without a lot, but there were those that though they had little didn’t starve, they knew things that few people today know. Which plants are edible in your location, or within 200 miles of you would be good knowledge.

  21. ceojr1963 says:

    All the varity is good, don’t let people bring your down. You know what you eat, if you buy it now and eat it, keep it in your storage. On the pasta, though it is dry, bugs can still get into it, so jar them or mylar them to be safe rather than sorry. Other than that, you have a lot of space to store things, Rotate stock and keep adding on. Few people complained that they had to much food, more complained they had to little.

  22. GaryMule says:

    Hey thanks!

  23. meegamoko says:

    Good job! A lot of people don’t understand that they cannot rely on other people to feed their family when tough times come. Thanks for sharing your prep!

  24. brad c. says:

    nice yup were bunch of terrorist lol