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Gear and EDC Review: Swiss-Tech Micro Keychain Tools (Micro-Max & Micro-Pro)

My ideas and sights on the Swiss-Tech Micro-Max & Micro-Professional Micro Keychain Resources. Keychain multitools and knives are fairly common these times and it’s not …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. ItsAWonderfulKnife says:

    Ha ha, exactly!

  2. Byron Murray says:

    Lol “You wouldn’t wanna get hit in the head with one of these” how would that happen keychain frisby

  3. ItsAWonderfulKnife says:

    That’s the spirit!

  4. 12amormidnight says:

    Oh and at over 2 in. long I was even able to make some cordage out of it(about 2 1/2 to 3ft long). I probably should have kept that rather then throwing it away.

  5. 12amormidnight says:

    I know right, I let my beard/mustache get out of hand and then just recently to calm my mother down I shaved it all off. I am not a large guy, and since then all of the thugs in my area seem to be taking thier turn at me. Wish people would just not be a-holes. But yes the beard/mustache was for saftey, worked well until I cut it off.

  6. 12amormidnight says:

    It has proved incredably usefull for me. Recently just pulling it out has immediatly ended violent confrontations. Never quickly wak twards someone and ask them “what do you got” if you really do not want them to pull a knife or other weapon on you. It also has a belt/strap cutter built in, has enuf weight to punch out a car window in an emergency(yes tried and true, it has worked in the past for me) 16 cutting blades, as each blade is double sided/ended, 1 inserted and 7 in storage.

  7. ItsAWonderfulKnife says:

    Safety beard, huh? It’s a crazy world out there.

  8. 12amormidnight says:

    Definatly handy, I have to say. Now I have to go look more things up, however, as I have never seen a piece of paper or a folded dollar bill(though I do not doubt either I want to learn how) to open a bottle. Little side note, I just very recently shaved my mustash/beard off(to much heat) and for the first time in about 3 years have been assualted/violently approched over ten times already while just walking. I always carry certain things, one of which is a STANLEY 10-499 Utility knife.

  9. ItsAWonderfulKnife says:

    You’re darn right it does. I’ve seen folks use a piece of paper, a folded dollar bill, a second bottle, heck, even your bare hand! Bottle openers are fast and convenient and definitely help ward off the occasional chipped bottle (I’ve seen it enough times), but the’re certainly not necessary. Handy though!

  10. 12amormidnight says:

    Lol, the ’emergency’ that requires a bottle opener to open a bottle… that would be interesting, especialy cause you can use any sturdy object to just pop the top off of a bottle. Fence posts/rails, stumps, just the side of tree the list goes on and on.

  11. Darkshadow715 says:

    Nice review. Very interesting. Not sure if you’ve answered this or not, so sorry if I you have an I over looked it. Is it possible to buy bother of those and put the max onto the light clip that comes with the pro? Thanks!

  12. Abdul Verenzo says:

    Has no blade, useless!

  13. Zachary Winkler says:

    Awesome review mate. Any particular sites for cheap swiss tech tools you’d recommend? Or are you just Amazon-ing-it? 😀
    Haven’t seen any of your other vids but subbing straight away. Cheers mate,
    from Australia.

  14. Swiss+Tech Products says:

    Sure! Private message me with your info and what item you are interested in.

  15. ItsAWonderfulKnife says:

    Thanks very much! I’ve got my eye on a couple others that I’m thinking about ordering for some new reviews. I’ll try to make that happen soon. Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. ItsAWonderfulKnife says:

    I’m not sure how I missed this reply (7 months ago? Where was I?! Ha ha!), but if the offer still stands, lemme know!

  17. aurelioleo123 says:

    I own serveral swiss tech tools. Well made and gets those micro jobs done. Great review.