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Exclusive Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Ferrari Tourbillon Watch 50 Day Power Reserve

This is an exclusive overview on this quite complex and much talked about Hublot LaFerrari MP-05 (MP 05) Tourbillon. I had the most wonderful prospect to…
Video Rating: four / 5 :05 sec, rose gold Rolex: N/A :15 sec, Cartier iced out: 760.00 :twenty five sec, Rolex: eighty.00 :forty sec, iced out Rolex: 800.00 …
Online video Score: 4 / 5

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  1. AVTProjects says:

    Thanks for watching and commenting. That’s a little extreme. I’m positive there are worse things.

  2. william wolfe says:

    This watch clearly confirms that there is little faith in humanity.

  3. AVTProjects says:

    Thanks for commenting again. I did not understand.

  4. 04218158 says:

    your wit does not make the watch anymore tasteful

  5. AVTProjects says:

    Thanks for watching and commenting. Try not looking at ebay prices. 458 is more. Anyways, it doesn’t matter.

  6. Abe Foxman says:



    same cost as watch…….LoL

  7. AVTProjects says:

    thanks for commenting again. Not more than 458.

  8. AVTProjects says:

    Thanks for watching and commenting. Yea it’s a little more than that I believe but close.

  9. Abe Foxman says:

    cost more than 599GTB & 458

  10. Abe Foxman says:


  11. AVTProjects says:

    Thanks for watching and commenting. If i remember correct the right side tells the time. The left side tells the reserve.

  12. AVTProjects says:

    Thanks for watching and commenting. Thanks for enjoying my videos and recommending a RM. Yes i would love to own a RM one day. One day soon that is but I keep going back to my AP’s. I do like Hublots as well. RM’s are a league in itself as well.

  13. parsu538 says:

    Mate, awesome videos. Keep it up. Am personally a huge fan of AP, Hublot (only a few select models), Patek, Breguet and Richard Mille. Just wanted to ask if you’ve ever considered a Richard Mille timepiece?

    Would you do a review of that anytime soon? I reckon that watch’ll look good on you too. It’s very well built and beautiful..

  14. AVTProjects says:

    Thanks for watching and commenting. Yes the watch works. It’s was an expression to say it’s a work of art……. Just like if i say you are a work of art…..

  15. 04218158 says:

    art doesn’t have function. So this watch doesn’t work? Thats looks like a silly excuse to make a watch in a different way other than the ‘timeless’ way

  16. andreashansen93 says:

    how does you see the clock ?

  17. AVTProjects says:

    Thanks for watching and commenting. Art is not always pretty.

  18. PR0G4M3RING4M3S says:

    It’s a really ugly watch though.

  19. King Ice says:

    Thanks for setting them straight!! 

  20. 336stackmoney says:

    What make u people think these are fake man yall trippin they are real King Ice Also has celebs wearing their jewels so stop hatin and good job king ice they are nice!

  21. Chun-Ho Lam says:

    Dude I can see with naked eye that the audemars is FAKE, look at the date font, its INCORRECT

  22. King Ice says:

    These are authentic watches. We would not put our company at risk!

  23. bornstandin says:

    Do you know what it takes to be authorized to sell new watches by Rolex and Cartier? They are the two most copied brands of watches on the market. A jeweler who regularly deals in pre-owned Rolex and Cartier watches also gets certification. The watches in this video are counterfeit, and claiming they are authentic, which he does, is illegal.

  24. King Ice says:

    These are authentic watches.

  25. bornstandin says:

    WHAT?! Oh, you do not pass this plastic wrap junk fine timepieces, do you?

  26. bornstandin says:

    A guy at the flea market looking at crap made in China. LULZ

  27. PHU DAO says:


  28. tatershaw says:

    did one of those price-tags say 280000.00 !? I read the description, just noticed an extra 0 at 2:30

  29. Catherine Shanahan says:

    Am a huge fan of Rolex & Cartier 🙂

  30. King Ice says:

    The pricing for these watches is listed above.

  31. kodakconnor47 says:

    How much is it to put this stuff on

  32. Torrey Palmer says:

    500.00 for the full ice Rolex don’t turn money down…lol

  33. King Ice says:

    Yes, it is

  34. Luis Esquerra says:

    You have mail? Its because I’m from mexico. 🙂

  35. King Ice says:

    Please contact us by telephone to order.

  36. Luis Esquerra says:

    I need a rolex presidential all gold with big diamonds on the dial. PLEASE!!

  37. King Ice says:

    These are genuine brands made with genuine diamonds.

  38. Richard Garcia says:

    are these watches also lab made?

  39. King Ice says:

    These are available by telephone only.

  40. King Ice says:

    The are only available by telephone.

  41. Richard Garcia says:

    hey man im always on your site, but i never see these where are they?

  42. King Ice says:

    Current promotion is free shipping on orders over $75.