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Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave-Air GPS Watch Hands-On

See much more @ aBlogtoWatch fingers-on with the new for 2013 Citizen Eco-Generate Satellite Wave-Air view. It offers improved functionali…
Movie Score: four / five

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  1. buickboy92 says:


  2. staslig says:

    why? cause Citizen cant make a good hightech watch? or is it because you just dont like the name?

  3. axxionman69 says:

    Do you know exactly when these will be available to the public , I just checked the CITIZEN site and there is no mention of this model anywhere????

  4. Denis França says:

    Basically it’s a watch that you will never change batteries and you won’t set the time because the GPS is there to do that for you. Great watch. Great idea.

  5. JamesIdentity says:

    LOL, youd have to be really dumb to pay 2.5k on a Citizen.

  6. ryanhayn says:

    Looks huge. What’s the case size?

  7. R8Prototype says:

    2500 for a Citizen? Never heard of that before. Directly competing with the Seiko Astron I think the Astron looks classier or more sleek. Not really liking the dial finish as much

  8. MangaMiyn says:

    The black one is more me