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Cheap Lavalier Mic Setup DSLR | Sony PX312 & Neewer Lapel Mic

Check out out my low-cost lavalier mic set up for DSLR movie employing the Sony PX312 recorder with Neewer lapel lav mic, total cost was £23! much more evaluations at http://www….
Movie Ranking: 5 / five

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  1. Tanner Hoke says:

    Thank you! I’m actually looking for a comparison from using just a recorder like my h1, vs hooking a lav up to it. Thanks! (Subbed)

  2. WorldofYPod says:

    haha yeah totally same, will be like whats this package, I didn’t order anything… oh wait ah yes it’s the mic I ordered a year ago lol anyway, good luck with all your work Dean

  3. Dean O says:

    I figured I might as just well put the Giant Squid on the back burner and be surprised when it does arrive later in the summer; but, I’m looking forward to working with the mic

  4. WorldofYPod says:

    Giant Squid is a great value mic, he seems to be constantly over-run with orders though, I too have another one on order and he e-mailed to say it will be delayed and that he may start factory to supply them. I looked into the Tascam, great wee recorder aswell!

  5. Dean O says:

    I have the Giant Squid Lav mic on order and it will be paired to my Tascam DR-05 – I still use the Olympus but like I said, just backup audio