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Casio Protrek/Pathfinder PRW 2500-1 In Depth Review

I have been searching for an ABC watch to take climbing with me for some time now. I was going to go with the PAW 1500 but figured it would be way too massive on my wr…
Movie Rating: four / five

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  1. Maestro Subotica says:

    I enjoy watching this .

  2. Wanderer001 says:

    There a many factors that play into the watches ability to grab a signal. How far you are away from the origination of the signal, trees, power lines, ect. All I can say is this watch has not had any issues and even does a little better then my GW 9100-1.

  3. Jesusandbiblefolk says:

    what I mean is its ability to grab signals more strongly. I bought another watch for £140 less, as I believe the gadgets dont work on either properly.

  4. Wanderer001 says:

    I will see what I can do.

  5. Jesusandbiblefolk says:

    Its ability to self correct may be way better than the Casio WV200A if you can show ts signal strength to reach the atomic clock from different isolated locations, but maybe it’s similar in that respect?

  6. Wanderer001 says:

    No you are very right I missed that bullet point. I have added it to the list. 200M Water Resistant. I skipped it in the video because must digital watches are waterproof to some degree these days.

  7. Jesusandbiblefolk says:

    The strap may look too big for everyone as it is made to be able to go over a climbers gloves.

  8. Jesusandbiblefolk says:

    Not waterproof though is it???. I was going to buy a reliable inexpensive “Casio WaveCeptor WV200A Atomic Radio Watch” just because you could fall into water with it on, or swim to safety. Or did I miss that in the list?