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Can You Guess These Amazing Literary Tattoos?

Excellent literary tats never go out of type… or do they? Motivated by Alanna Okun’s amazing submit: …
Online video Score: 4 / five

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  1. Katie Maron says:

    just why would you have twilight tatooed permanently on your back?

  2. gatorchandler says:

    Some of them were awesome!

  3. mantizz says:

    the tattoo artist that did that twilight tattoo is a sadist and heartless omg the pain lol

  4. MALAK901234 says:

    By the look of her, she doesn’t have a few years ahead of her XD

  5. minedinekineline says:

    Oooooh Madeline! Really happy to see that again!

  6. zolawrx says:

    she’s already old.

  7. Tiffany Mathers says:

    i liked all of them but the unicorn, the wild things and the twilight tattoos were ugly lol

  8. eloise gee says:

    I think a vampire would struggle…

  9. eloise gee says:

    I somehow think that would be better than Twilight….

  10. Aaron C says:

    that moby dick on was pretty cool

  11. Julie Wright says:


  12. dhennessy555 says:

    Theres a back only a vampire could love.

  13. Celeste McManus says:

    Why the hell would you want that befoulment of human literature tattoed on you body?

  14. Hannah Kennedy says:

    i really want a tattoo with a blue cloud, and a white cloud with the top one saying Okay? and the second saying Okay. TFIOS reference :>

  15. alloncefor says:

    well she looks like at least 50 years old, I think she was fairly aware of that decision and I think she won´t be showing her body around in bikini haha

  16. Jenny Sandwich says:

    Yeah, it’s true she might regret it which is a shame :p

  17. Abbenxena says:

    right it was her decision, and one she might regret, if she lives long enough.

  18. Abbenxena says:

    unfortunately, it was a book series first.

  19. sasha crum says:

    Guess what day it is hump dayyyy woot woooootttttt

  20. cff121 says:

    That’s such a great ad.

  21. Zomiks202 says:

    woot! woooot! hump day in here!!!

  22. gamegoblin1 says:

    Lol I swear this guy @ my job is the same way lol

  23. bathnbodyking says:

    That camel is my co-worker, Joanne Becker. Big, ugly, loud, obnoxious, looking for attention.

  24. Teresa Kansky says:

    The camel plays the part perfectly. Thank you for comic relief

  25. MechaAshura20 says:


  26. spryfol says:

    Geico commercials are quickly approaching ICONIC status! They haven’t made many that I didn’t like. I hope they keep interesting characters and well written story lines to keep smiles on a lot of peoples faces. I don’t have Geico, but I’m loving their ad campaigns! Sheer BRILLIANCE!

  27. jenandyak says:

    its hump day………. WOOWOO

  28. whgodfrey says:

    This is one SMOKIN’ hot commercial!! Major KUDOS to the marketing guru who came up with this one. LUB it!!!!

  29. visitdavid1 says:

    love love love it need i say more i can’t see how they can top that. keep it coming.

  30. MCEProd22 says:


  31. Paulie Pastafazoule says:

    check out my happier than geico parody movie
    Happier Than A Guido In A Cadillac

  32. projectkid97 says:

    The cringe face/eye roll that first dude, Mike, made is PRICELESS! Everyone has at least ONE person in their office whose very voice alone causes you to make that same face. This is also usually the person who does the least amount of work and leaves early more than anyone. Asks the stupidest, lamest questions in meetings just trying to appear to be astute, and usually hasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of ever advancing with the company.
    Yeah Mike, I feel your pain buddy.

  33. carhart001 says:

    Does anyone know who is doing the voice over for the camel?

  34. XxHewwoxX says:

    Best commercial yet. I want camel on EVERY geico commercial

  35. MdR1328 says:

    Camel is the same as a Dromedary in America?